11 DIY Tips To Make Bridal Hairstyle At Home

Is your big day showing up anytime soon? And are you freaking out about your Bridal hairstyle? 

Worry not! Here we are for your help, with a list of 11 easy tips. This won’t just help you decide how to do your bridal hairstyle, but also add to your hairstyling confidence. So much so, that you can do your bridal hairstyle in the comfort of your home! 

So keep scrolling to go through our hand-picked list of 11 tips for you to do your bridal hairstyle at home.

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Selected DIY Tips To Make Bridal Hairstyle At Home: 

Is the idea of making a Bridal Hairstyle at home daunting to you?

Cheer up! Because we are sure that you can pull it off with a few tricks up your sleeve. However, we also understand why the idea might be a little overwhelming. So have a look at this short and simple compilation. Just take a deep breath, go through this list, and you are good to go all DIY on your big day!

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DIY Tip 1: Groom Your Hair When There’s The Time And Opportunity

Groom Your Hair

Hair health is one of the hardest things to conceal or fake. So, for showing up with that flair on your big day, start getting all your hair to pamper right away! Even if that’s not a plan, undertaking a grooming routine will pay off. It’s for the best if you can invest in your hair health in a long-term way before the wedding. 

Keep The Long-Term Care Up: 

Getting habituated with deep conditioning is a great start. And making sure that you are getting enough water is a vital part of improving your hair health. For keeping your hair from dehydration and dryness, minimise the use of shampoo, blow-dryers and heating devices. Also, trim the hair ends a little to keep the split ends away. 

Take Care Of Diet And Supplements: 

Diet And Supplements

Diet and supplements are not only crucial for your body, but also your hair. Include Vit-B enriched foods, such as eggs, nuts, fish oil etc., into your diet. If this is too hard, there are great supplements to make your life easier too. Fish oil capsules, Biotin, Vit-D tablets, Omega-3 supplements etc., are some must-haves during this time.

Oils And Massages

Oils And Massages

Nothing is as universal as hair oils when it comes to hair care. However, choosing one or picking more than one natural organic oil and mixing them up to add that oomph to your hair works great. Some great choices for hair oils include Avocado, aloe vera, olive, coconut and jojoba oils. 

Just applying oil all over your hair won’t yield the best results. So, don’t forget to bring that extra circulation to your scalp veins by getting a nice massage. Massages are as beneficial as they are relaxing. So it might as well double to take off some of your wedding stress. 

DIY Tip 2: Plan

Weddings are the ultimate tests of planning skills in anyone’s life, period.

And your bridal hairstyle is not out of that. Unless planned, the last moment burden won’t get any easier with your hairstyling worries. Though, the good news is that it doesn’t take much to design your wedding hairstyle. 

The first step is gathering inspiration and references. The internet era is saturated with ideas everywhere! And dragging out every bit of inspiration that you find on Pinterest or Instagram might overwhelm you. But, on the flip side, you also don’t want to stay clueless about doing your hair on your big day. 

Bridal Hairstyle Plan

The best way to get into the inspiring groove is to collect a handful of reference images. Around 5-7 photos should do the job. Too many will feel unnecessary and crowded; too little might not be very helpful. If curls inspire you, get the images of the curls that you like the best. If you want waves, get wave-based hairstyles. The same goes with buns, knots, braids or chignons. 

After collecting your reference images, do some research on how to do them. You might also need specific tools and accessories to pull them off. Learn about them, make a shopping list and collect them beforehand. There’s more below on arranging your wedding hairstyling tools. 

Alongside, the more permanent and foundational styling works will require some relatively long-term planning. There’s more on that too to help you out with your planning.

The course best curly hair for loose, beachy waves, techniques for creating Hollywood-glam inspired waves, how to choose the right pin.
The course best curly hair for loose, beachy waves, techniques for creating Hollywood-glam inspired waves, how to choose the right pin.

DIY Tip 3: Do The Foundational Hairstyling Works Early On 

Curling, straightening or accessorising is one thing. But more permanent and long-term-impact styling, such as colour-dyeing, rebounding, perming or getting a haircut, is another. So let’s call them the foundational works for now.

Bridal Hairstyle Plan

Leaving your foundational styling jobs for the last moment is unwise for so many reasons. If you are running short on time, then getting minor adjustments should be the way to go. But making significant changes right before the big day can come with big regrets. So for doing the essential styling steps, start early.  

Hair Colouring / Dyeing 

Are you planning on doing something radical to your hair for the wedding? Well, you may, but it’s best to remember that radical decisions about hairdo result in some fashion disaster. So, taking that risk at the end moment can be too dangerous of a game to play. 

Beauty professionals, on average, suggest at least a six weeks window of time before your wedding. In that case, even if your hair colour does go wrong, you can do something about it. Paint a trim before the wedding day; just do a quick colour touch-up. Make sure that you use less shampoo during that time for conserving the colour, and you are good to go! If you are worried about the paint wearing off, you can keep that desired shade at home. 

Get Your Haircut Sometime Before The Big Day, But Not Immediately Before 

Just like your hair colour, a new haircut also comes at substantial risk. Also, it sure does have an adjustment curve. So similarly, get your new haircut sometime before your wedding. If time is short, and you need to give your hair an urgent do, try getting a safe trim to your existing style. 

DIY Tip 4: Keep All Your Tools Handy 

It is said that even when robots will take away all our jobs, hairstylists are not going to run out of their jobs. 

Bridal Hairstyle Plan

It might sound exaggerated somehow, but the truth is- hairstyling needs that intimate and intricate touch of human fingers. Also, it is a very humane job. And like every other craft, this one requires the proper use of a perfect toolset. So here is a brief compilation of the things you should not miss in your big day dressing room.  

Straightening Iron

Immediately Before

Sleek and loose, straight hair is a timeless classic. There aren’t many outfits or styles in the world that loose hair doesn’t complement. Hence, straightening iron is a must-have if you are in a state of urgency. A straightening iron can also be your hero if you are looking for some last moment damage control. 


Whether you are into waves, curls or twists- you need a curler to achieve them. That’s a no-brainer! 

You might also want to opt for something that doesn’t require a curler. But the majority of the gorgeous featured hairstyles you see around are jobs well done by a happy pair of a curler and a setting spray. So if you are trying to pull off something like that, add a curler to your hairstyling bag. 

Sectioning Clips, Combs And Brushes 

The basics are always the one to be more careful about. Imagine not having a single comb in your wedding dressing room! Also, it’s the tiniest mistake that often hurts the most. 

Sectioning Clips

This might seem obvious, but double-check if you have kept your basics together. Which namely are combs, brushes, sectioning clips, bobby pins, and rubber bands. 

Heated Rollers

Heated Rollers

Adding those beautiful, luscious curls to your locks on your big day- seriously, how tempting is that? So keep at least a set of heated rollers in your big day tool kit to achieve that.

For making more effective use of your rollers, use hairpins, curling iron and a setting spray.

Organiser Box 

Well, this is less of a tool and more of a super helpful extension to your toolkit. All the Bobby pins, hairbands, setting clips and millions of tiny pieces- it can make your crazy hectic schedule even more unbearable. So getting an organiser can really convenience you on your big day.

Hair Setting Spray 

We have all been there – when the clumsiness of our hair made us want to pull it all out! But, of course, nobody wants that, and the least so on the big day. So that makes hair setting spray one of your indispensable tools for the hair department. 

Just smearing it on the top after finishing styling is not the best idea, though. Instead, use it in between your hair sections while doing the braids, curls or waves. That will keep your crown secure and set for the long day.

DIY Tip 5: Your Bridal Hairstyle, Dress, And Every Other Wearable Should Be A Complete Set

Bridal HairstyleSo you have several great boards of ideas. One for bridal hairstyle, one for wedding dresses, one for accessories, and everything else got covered too. But if you happen to forget to put them together and make a complete set, all that effort can simply go in vain. 

Everything that you will be wearing on your wedding day should complement each other. They should be coming together as a set, not as competitors. So after gathering all the inspiration, make sure to plan in a way that helps every aspect of your wedding day look. 

For example, if you are wearing a strapless dress, rolling your locks by the shoulder will look elegant. But, on the other hand, if your dress is very ornamental around the chest area, you probably don’t want to hide that. So making an up-do should be your bridal hairstyle option in that case. 

DIY Tip 6: Accessorizing Is Fun, So Have It!

Accessorizing Is Fun

Let’s face it, not all of us have Rapunzel hair, which adds enough flair if you just roll them out open. And even if you do have those gorgeous locks, some accessorising fun never made a girl feel sorry! Accessories are such lifesavers when you want to add that extra bit to your regular hair.

So if you are looking for some quick ways to add that sparkle to your bridal hairstyle, consider this list of accessories:

  • Flowers
  • Tiaras
  • Veils
  • Hairpins, hairpieces, and ornamental combs
  • Bow barrettes 

Like every other part of your bridal hairstyle, accessories also are best to try out beforehand. If you are confident before, this can be a huge time saver on your big day while doing your bridal hairstyle! 

DIY Tip 7: Practice Styling With Hair Sections For Your Bridal Hairstyle

Are you someone who gets impatient when it comes to styling hair? If you are, probably you try working with a large bunch of hair at the same time because many girls are guilty of doing this! If you don’t, then you are already a step ahead of most of us. 

Practice Styling With Hair Sections

So when you are doing your bridal hairstyle, that should be the last of all to make this mistake. Trying to work without a sleek branched out section always leads to messy and cumbersome hair. And your hair coming out of the places where you set them is the last thing you want with your bridal hairstyle. So probably the most important tip is this: work in sections, period. 

DIY Tip 8: Stay Updated On Ideas For Featured Hairstyles 

Featured Hairstyles

Don’t get us wrong; we are big believers in classics! But not every hairstyle gets to be a classic. Sometimes, following trends become essential. So while you are doing your bridal hairstyle, certain things might be more in fashion. 

Following them up on sites like Pinterest will help you decide your style. Not just that, picking up your board from before will also work as your reference on your big day. 

While checking on trends, make sure that you include all the following styles in your reference photos: 

  • Braids
  • Twists
  • Waves
  • Chignons
  • Ponytails

Checking on these individual styles in trend will give you a better idea of what will suit your bridal hairstyle the best.

The course covers some of the basic princess hairstyles that will not only help you to design and decorate the hair of your princess.
The course covers some of the basic princess hairstyles that will not only help you to design and decorate the hair of your princess.

DIY Tip 9: Use The Right Hair Extensions

Are you someone who struggles with hair fall or a thinning scalp? If you are not, then you are lucky. Because most of us do, but does that mean that a girl shouldn’t feel like Rapunzel on her big day? Not! 

The Right Hair Extensions

If you feel your bridal hairstyle toolkit could do with some good hair extensions, just get them! Just make sure that you try a few good ones out from before. Buying a hair extension at the last minute might end up landing a hair extension in your box that does more harm than good. So taking the time and being meticulous is the way to buy the right hair extensions. 

DIY Tip 10: Keep The Hair Clean-Up Tool Kit Handy 

This might seem like a very small one. And it sort of is, but a significant one too. After rejoicing your fancy bridal hairstyle, the challenge is not all over. Because once your wedding party is over, the next hard part is to undo your bridal hairstyle.

Hair Clean-Up Tool Kit Handy

Opening the tight bobby pins, getting rid of all the gel and spray- it’s not easy unless you have your bridal hairstyle clean-up arsenal ready!

So make sure that your pouch has these things- comb, hair oil, shampoo, and, if possible, a hair smoothening lotion. Then, just wait and watch how they make things easier for undoing your bridal hairstyle on your big day. And you can thank us later!

DIY Tip 11: Keep Your Damage Control Plan Ready

So, a bridal hairstyle is one of the parts of your wedding look that isn’t free of risks. This is particularly true if you haven’t spent a lot of time trying out your bridal hairstyle beforehand. So the best idea to keep the sweats away is to keep two backups ready. 

Keep Your Damage Control

Try networking with a hairstylist so that when things go wrong, you can call her up. And make sure to have your bridesmaids by your side while doing your bridal hairstyle. If your bridesmaids get some practice with bridal hairstyle done from before, then you are good to go. Your damage control plan for your big day and your bridal hairstyle are all ready! 

Closing Note:

Have you met any bride who was utterly calm on her big day? Probably not. So if you were having a hard time contemplating your bridal hairstyle, that’s understandable. You are not alone at all. But hopefully, this list of tips has helped you to feel at least a little better. And if you want to learn even more about bridal hairstyle, you can check out this comprehensive and guided  Hairstyling Course on any day!

High demand for hairstyling opens the opportunity to become a professional hairstylist for many people.
High demand for hairstyling opens the opportunity to become a professional hairstylist for many people.
June 22, 2022
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