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Articulate 360: Advanced Actions

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Course Curriculum

Looking at advanced actions in Articulate 360 00:01:00
Introduction to variable
Why use variables in elearning 00:02:00
Three types of variables in Storyline 00:03:00
Three-step process for using variables 00:05:00
Capture and display the learners name
Create the text entry field 00:04:00
Add a reference variable to the display name 00:04:00
Use conditions to ensure a name is entered 00:05:00
Let learners pick their name color 00:04:00
Adaption Branching Quizes
Create and customize the quiz slides 00:05:00
Add a results slide to track quiz scores 00:05:00
Create a hub slide to calculate learner scores 00:05:00
Add conditional branching based on the learners score 00:05:00
Adaption Braching Scenarios
Create the scenario and custom variables 00:05:00
Duplicate the quiz slides and update variables 00:02:00
Display point totals for each scenario 00:04:00
Calculate the points for the scenarios 00:03:00
Branch learners based on scores 00:04:00
Choose your own charecter
Working with Content Library characters 00:04:00
Use variables to track learner choices 00:04:00
Create characters with custom states 00:02:00
Display a character based on variable 00:03:00
Modifying the character poses 00:02:00
Production tips and tricks 00:03:00
Custom navigation with bookmarking
Set up the custom menu with progress icons 00:05:00
Create placeholder scenes and slides with home button 00:04:00
Create custom variables for each module 00:05:00
Add conditional triggers to record learner progress 00:04:00
Show additional feedback at the slide level 00:05:00
Learning Journals
Set up the learning journal slides 00:05:00
Add a text entry field to the slide 00:06:00
Adjust the variable for each slide 00:05:00
Create a tabbed menu for the journal 00:05:00
Dynamically change button navigation 00:03:00
Randomizing Scenarios with Variables
Create the random number variable 00:04:00
Add the conditional branching 00:03:00
Randomize the course background 00:03:00
Randomize the course character 00:04:00

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