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Conflict Resolution Course

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Conflict Resolution Course
Conflict Resolution Course


Conflict is a serious disagreement or argument that often takes place in the workplace. It’s something that harms relationships and can cause serious damage to the organization.

The course starts off with the introduction of conflict management and different types of conflict that can occur in your work as well as personal life. Conflict Resolution Course is designed to identify the reasons why conflict can arise, the positive and negative outcomes of conflict and find a solution to eliminate it. You will also learn about multiple conflict-handling styles and techniques. Following that, you will get plenty of tips for dealing with difficult people. You will learn the necessary skills, knowledge, and information for getting along in the workplace. Last but not least, you will learn how to manage anger and violence in the workplace. Not only that but you will also learn about negotiation strategies and ways to avoid common mistakes in negotiation.

This course is a complete package for you. So enroll now and get benefit from this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Figure out the way your individual outlook, as well as actions, have an influence on others
  • Unveil new and proficient methodologies so as to handle tough people
  • Gain a number of techniques to manage and tame your anger
  • Develop coping strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.
  • Improvise managing plans to cope with the tough community as well as complicated circumstances
  • What conflict is and how it can escalate.
  • The types of conflict and the stages of the conflict.
  • The five most common conflict resolution styles and when to use them.
  • How to increase positive information flow through non-verbal and verbal communication skills.
  • Effective techniques for intervention strategies.
  • Ways to manage conflicts to enhance productivity and performance.
  • Describe what workplace violence is
  • Identify some warning signs of violence
  • Apply the cycle of anger
  • Understand Albert Bandura’s behavior wheel and how it applies to anger
  • Develop a seven-step process for managing your anger and others’ anger
  • Apply better communication and problem-solving skills, which will reduce frustration and anger
  • Develop some other ways of managing anger, including coping thoughts and relaxation techniques
  • Use the nine components of an organizational approach to managing anger, including risk assessment processes
  • Respond if a violent incident occurs in the workplace on an individual and organizational lev


  • At the end of the course, you will be required to sit for an online MCQ test. Your test will be assessed automatically and immediately. You will instantly know whether you have been successful or not.
  • Before sitting for your final exam you will have the opportunity to test your proficiency with a mock exam.


  • After completing and passing the course successfully, you will be able to obtain an Accredited Certificate of Achievement.
  • Certificates can be obtained either in hard copy at a cost of £39 or in PDF format at a cost of £24.

Who is this Course for?

Conflict Resolution Course is certified by CPD Qualifications Standards and CiQ. This makes it perfect for anyone trying to learn potential professional skills.

As there is no experience and qualification required for this course, it is available for all students from any academic background.


Our Conflict Resolution Course is fully compatible with any kind of device. Whether you are using Windows computer, Mac, smartphones or tablets, you will get the same experience while learning. Besides that, you will be able to access the course with any kind of internet connection from anywhere at any time without any kind of limitation.

Career Path

After completing this course you will be able to build up accurate knowledge and skills with proper confidence to enrich yourself and brighten up your career in the relevant job market.

Course Curriculum

Module : 1
Course Overview 00:15:00
Conflict as Communication 00:30:00
Benefits of Confrontation 00:16:00
Preventing Problem 00:15:00
Getting Focused 00:27:00
Managing Anger 00:30:00
Dealing with Problems 00:15:00
The Three-Step Conflict Resolution Model 00:15:00
Why Don’t People Do What They Are Supposed To? 00:15:00
De-Stress Options to Use When Things Get Ugly 00:30:00
Changing Yourself 00:30:00
Module : 2
Course Overview 00:15:00
Defining Conflict 00:15:00
Types of Conflict 00:15:00
Open Conflict vs. Hidden Conflict 00:15:00
Spontaneous and Reflective Behavior 00:15:00
The Johari Window 00:15:00
Stages of Conflict 01:00:00
Conflict Resolution Style Questionnaire 00:15:00
The Role of Communication in Conflict Resolution 00:30:00
Active Listening Skills 00:15:00
Paraphrasing Skills 00:15:00
Powerful Questions 00:15:00
Body Language 00:15:00
The Conflict/Opportunity Test 00:15:00
Conflict and Its Resolution 00:30:00
Helping Others Through Conflict 00:45:00
Module : 3
Course Overview 00:15:00
What is Workplace Violence? 00:15:00
Understanding the Behavior Wheel 00:15:00
The Anger Management Process 00:30:00
Communicating Better 00:15:00
Basic Problem Solving Tools 01:00:00
Other Ways of Managing Anger 00:15:00
A Systems Approach 00:15:00
Developing a Policy and Program 00:15:00
Risk Assessment 00:30:00
Hiring Practices 00:15:00
Workplace Practices and Procedures 00:15:00
Security Systems and Personnel 00:15:00
Training Programs 00:15:00
Developing Emergency Response Plans 00:15:00
Program Review 00:15:00
The Immediate Response 00:15:00
Consulting with the Experts 00:15:00
Gathering Additional Information 00:15:00
Re-Evaluating Information 00:15:00
Communicating Incidents and Threats 00:15:00
Interviewing Employees 00:15:00
Risk Level Analysis 00:15:00
Reviewing the Options 00:15:00
Analyzing the Impact 00:15:00
Process Application 00:15:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Conflict Resolution Course 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Conflict Resolution Course 00:20:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Good course- just out of order


    This is a fabulous course for people who want a varied view on conflict, with lots of ideas on how to de-escalate and deal with conflict on every level. It goes through professional and personal tips and is something that can be applied to every situation of conflict.

    I would recommend this course, but with the following personal recommendation:

    When taking notes on the course, separate into four different categories-
    – How to deal with my own anger
    – How to deal with people being angry with me
    – How to deal with anger in my team as a manager
    – How to deal with anger as an organisation- policies/parameters etc.

    This is because the course has a tendency to jump between these four categories within its modules, it will be talking about how to write a risk assessment one minute, to deep breathing exercises the next which make for very weird and unhelpful notes.

    Apart from a few confusing jumps which I just remedied with the above, it was an enjoyable, varied, and very knowledgable course that I can now practice in my day-to-day life. It doesn’t include any sections on practical application, so it may be good to do your own research and practice whilst doing the course to see what works for you.




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