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You Should Know: How to Stop Senior Employee Staff Leave!

Be an Effective Communicator

Part of being an excellent communicator is learning to know the time for sharing and time for listening. In previous conversations that I had with my colleagues, I would find myself speeding ahead and talking on the points I needed to reiterate. Afterwards, I came to notice that everybody on every side felt that their opinions and ideas were being somewhat brushed off. It took me some conscious fortitude to restrain the voice in my brain that wanted a chance to prove itself. Doing so proved to be worth the effort since it allowed me to hear out what others were putting across and was able to process it. When your associates feel respected, valued and heard, they will start seeing your maturity, not the age difference.  

Value Your Staff

Just because you’re old doesn’t necessarily mean that you are wiser, but it usually means you’re more experienced. A good manager is aware of what S/he can do to leverage the strengths of their team. This is why it’s integral you take the time to really learn about your personnel as individuals. Pinpoint their unique strengths and talents, and look for mannerisms of incorporating their ideas and honor their requests. As a leader, you’ll shine even brighter when every team member is provided with the requisite tools and encouragement they need to shine by themselves.

Focus on Results, Not the Process

Every individual has their preferable set of requirements that must be satisfied for them to thrive. It’s crucial that you notice and address the needs of your team members and refrain from judging them. There was a time I had an employee who needed loud music for them to focus. At the time, I didn’t understand the logic in that, but when I gave him some leeway – I gave him my big office so he could work in the loud environment he prefers, and I shifted to a smaller office space with the other team members. At the end of it, his work and productivity was phenomenon, so why not? Let go of your ego and place the ability of the team to succeed first.

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Be Prepared to Answer the Age Question

The upside is that it is illegal for somebody to ask for your age at work. Unfortunately, individuals ask the question all the time anyway. Bearing that in mind, you ought to give some consideration as to how you’ll answer the question when you are caught by surprise. If your colleagues notice that you look like dear ahead of headlights, you will solidify their impression that you are not fit to handle the top job that awaits.

If you are not inclined to divulge your age and also don’t want to come off rude about it, playfully smile and say that you’re old enough for the job. But if you find no qualms about sharing, go on ahead! Regardless of how you opt to deal with the entire situation, prepare to answer the question with confidence, and just move on. The whole underlying reason for it all is to prevent it from becoming a topic for continued discussion and speculation. To put yourself in a better position to control the narrative, have a response already thought out before the question being asked.   

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Become a Source of Stillness

Research has shown that stress at the workplace results to disorganization, concentration problems, and even anger. Using TrackTime24 helps to alleviate these issues making time management one less thing to worry about. The temperament of the manager often dictates the overall mood in the office. A friend of mine told me they had a young manager that was capable, but she let her frustrations spill over to the team after getting overwhelmed. What resulted from this is that the staff looked for a de facto leader within themselves.

In conclusion, if you’re unsure and chaotic, your colleagues will notice. If you are a source of reason, stillness and are calm, age won’t really matter.

July 23, 2020

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