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Enhance Mental Health Skills Through Online Counselling Course

Most people face unspoken struggles on an everyday basis, a problem that has led to increased mental deterioration. One in four people experiences a mental health problem on an annual basis, with depression being the most prevalent. If you are an aspiring professional in this field, registering for counselling courses online is the best guarantee to enhance your understanding of mental health. Below is a list of online courses that you can take that will propel your professional career.

Depression counselling diploma

Learn how depression manifests itself and how to identify its root cause by taking online courses in depression counselling. A course will ensure that you get in-depth knowledge of the different types of depression, such as bipolar, that often go unnoticed. Easy alternative therapies are also covered, such as one on one approaches that deal with person-centred therapy.

Certificate in addiction counselling

Addiction is one of the greatest hindrances in the work environment, a problem that also poses numerous health risks to those affected. If you are an aspiring mentor, life coach or plan to work in a rehabilitation centre, addiction counselling will not only help your CV stand out, it will give you the practical information you need to really help people.

Addiction counselling courses ensure that you learn various approaches to dealing with addiction, such as maintaining a consistent treatment plan for your clients. Become an expert in addiction counselling and help your clients reach their best productivity levels in the workplace as well as in the home environment.

Diploma in child psychology

A child’s emotional development is one of the essential elements that determine their future state of mental health. Whether you intend to be a child therapist or a future caregiver, Diploma in Child Psychology is one of the vital online courses that you need for your interaction with children. Your communication with them sets the tone for socialization as well as their attachment to you.

Invest in any of these online courses with certificates by John Academy to help create a profound impact on your profession.

November 11, 2019

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