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The Ultimate Guide to Become a Freelance Social Media Manager

As far we are digging into the technology as deep we are going to engage ourselves with a platform like social media. Social media has changed marketing over the past years. People all over the world are somehow connected in one way or another with social media. So It is becoming a platform for bigger companies to connect with the consumers of their product. As the necessity of social media is increasing so are the managers for this emerging platform. For digital marketers, social media is now one of the most useful and challenging places where everyone has equal access with equal resources to take total advantage of reaching consumers. 

On the other hand, You are looking for a career where you want the ultimate freedom with smart compensation then Freelancing as a social media manager is one of the best choices for you. Freelancing can help you work in a favourable environment like working from home or remote working and you will be enjoying the flexibility in working hours.

Table of Contents

What is a Freelance Social Media Manager?

What is a Freelance Social Media Manager

Freelance social media managers are the distinct individuals who manage social media brands, products, individuals, and corporations. Freelance social media managers are involved in creating content that is the end product of any business company or corporation or any individuals. They ensure to make a connection between the customer and the company by growing followers base, starting conversations online, increasing traffic to the websites, and measuring the performance of content that has been on the public. Some basic benefits can be the indicator of being a social media manager. These are – 

  • Willing to put effort into work for connecting to network and pitch clients.
  • Having a desire for freedom to set own schedule and flexibility in the workplace.
  • Being passionate about social media.
  • Loving fostering community.
  • Enjoying curating content.
  • Adaptable and flexible in any situation.
  • Self-disciplined
  • And a long desire to become your boss.

For becoming a freelance social media manager you won’t have to be experienced or even to have any college or university degree certificate. What you need is passion and to have that self-motivation to put your effort into the work.

What will you provide as a Social Media Manager?

What will you provide as a Social Media Manager

If you already have chosen your career as a social media manager then you have a blessing that can work out anything, anywhere at any time. You have a vast field of resources to work with. Are you thinking about the services that can you offer? Then you have a lot to think about. You can work with a lot of different social media sites and also can work with different parts that offer distinctive services. First of all, what you need is to make a checklist of your working resources, working tools and also you can offer some packages with the services. Some examples of your possible services are given below- 

  • Social media content videography.
  • Content graphic design.
  • Consulting.
  • Providing customer services.
  • Metrics and Analytics
  • Strategy Innovation
  • Content auditing
  • Content repurposing
  • Content management
  • Managing community
  • Scheduling content

You can offer these services for any social media platform like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. 

Don’t let any hesitation come to your mind about choosing your way of completing a task or in selecting the services that you are going to provide. You always have that much freedom as a freelance social media manager.

What Skills You Should Have To Be A Freelance Social Media Manager?

Social media is a place where multicultural and multi-interested people are connected. For reaching the interests of these people and also to be the person on whom these people can depend you must need to be very much updated with the trends and also to be very adaptive. To efficiently fulfil the consumer’s intent and needs, social media managers have to develop a variety of different skills. There are some useful and most important skills you need to have before becoming a professional social media manager. 

1. Copywriting

Copywriting is a skill that helps to express the real feeling into words and by which a social media manager can get close to the consumer of the product. For being a social media manager you must have to write a lot of things for a lot of purposes. So, from this context copywriting skill is an obvious one. 

2. Graphic Design

Visual contents play a very vital role in taking audiences’ attention. They seem to very interactive when explaining something. For becoming a successful social media manager you need to have experience in designing vidual subjects.

3. Customer Service

Customer service plays a vital role in creating a meaningful audience. This skill allows the social media manager to understand the customers’ concerns and also helps to communicate with the targeted audiences. 

4. Research skills

As a social media manager, you need to be updated with the latest information about the people around you and customers, and news and trends related to social media, and the digital world. 

What tools you can use to become a social media manager?

What tools you can use to become a social media manager

For getting started as a social media manager you won’t need a lot to start with. The cost of being a social media manager is very minimal. For task scheduling paid tools? You don’t need to worry about it. Your client will pay instead of you for paid tools like this. 

Social media tools

  • Google Workspace for file storage and sharing
  • Grammarly for grammar and spell checking
  • Adobe Creative Suite & Canva for designing
  • Haute Stock & Pixistock for stock photos
  • Dropbox for photo and graphic storage
  • Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling
  • Later for Instagram scheduling
  • Hootsuite for Facebook scheduling
  • Feedly to stay up-to-date on what social media marketing companies are doing
  • Social Media Examiner, Buffer Social, Hubspot, Social Media Today & Socialnomics for industry trends.

Task management tools

  • Asana for task management
  • Airtable for content calendar creation
  • ConvertKit for email marketing
  • Zoom for client meetings
  • Evernote for client meeting notes
  • Loom for screen sharing
  • Toggl for time tracking
  • PayPal or Wave for invoicing
  • Destination Legal for legal templates
  • World Time Buddy for time zone and schedule management

What are you going to do to become a Social Media Manager?

What are you going to do to become a Social Media Manager

The responsibilities of a Social Media Manager vary depending on what actual goal to be achieved. You can check out these-

1. Social Listening

Social listening involves surfing the internet and researching audiences’ perceptions along with monitoring audiences’ needs. It will also allow you to monitor the brand’s reputation and if anything is needed to solve, then this social listening will suggest you to take necessary action. 

2. Social Influencing

Another very important and visibly responsibility is Social Influencing. This will allow you to establish the brand’s authority across various channels. This can be done by creating, distributing, and sharing valuable and engaging content.

3. Social Networking

For catching the market trends you will have to connect with the influential and authoritative figures and trends in your desired market goals. This allows you to have a big range of audiences while strengthening the brand’s reputation. 

4. Social Selling

Social selling enables you to enforce the desire you generate for your brand in a steady flow of leads and customers. If you are involved in managing an e-commerce business you can take advantage of many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.

What are the daily activities of a Social Media Manager?

If you are planning to become a social media manager then at least you will have a routine work plan. Though you have freedom as a freelance social media manager at the same time you have your responsibility to establish a good career as a social media manager. These include-

  • Content Scheduling
  • Profiles edit
  • Graphics generating
  • Customer servicing
  • Relevant content to sharing
  • Optimizing profiles and posts for organic reach
  • Reporting traffic, and other important metrics to the brand owners.

Social media managers can be specialized in particular services and do not necessarily need to provide above mentioned services. But in providing services always keep in mind that your service must worth the investment.

How to Become A Social Media Manager?

It is true that there is no specific guided book that can teach you the way to becoming a social media manager. If you ask every freelance social media manager about their story of becoming a social media manager, you will find a significant difference and way of choosing path were a bit challenging. After this, you will have a clear idea, why this is difficult to make a complete guide for becoming a social media manager.

In a nutshell, Social media management is everything but easy work. But you can not even think this that much easy that you will only have to know about what, when and how to post on social media. A successful social media manager knows a lot more than that. He ( social media manager) knows how to create content ideas, how to catch audiences and what trend is best for the specific time.

There are some suggestions that can help you to be a successful social media manager. These are-

1. Learn Fundamental Social Media Marketing

For a social media manager, it is important to know about the basic of social media marketing as social media is now a big part of digital marketing. If you are not from a digital marketing background you need to start from a very basic of digital marketing or social media marketing. For acquiring this what you need to do is to find digital marketing courses which can be found in a lit of digital platform. By doing this you will have certification too. By this learning your goal is to-

  • learn what conversions mean,
  •  learn how social media can help other areas of online marketing perform better, 
  • learn everything you can about digital marketing.

You don’t have to become an expert. Still, you need to know where social media stand and why they are so crucial for a company nowadays: the only way to understand their importance in the marketing mix is by knowing a bit about online marketing.

2. Learn Writing Fundamentals

Communicating with your audience is another fundamental task for a social media marketer. Social media communication can drive you up to close to your audiences by writing skill of your own. If you know how to influence your audience by your writing then most of the task before becoming a social media manager is done here. 

You can enrol in one of the many writing courses that can help you become a better storyteller, or a content marketer, or a copywriter; once you’re ready, you will apply those principles to social media.

3. Find Your Own Audience

Before making yourself public, first, you need to make your professional profile strong as social media personnel. Then creating accounts on major media platforms to connect with the audiences.  Now you can show off your personal skill to the audiences you targeted. 

If you plan to work as a freelancer or hold a position with a brand, you should create profiles mentioning your social media services on all the major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

4. Learn How To Manage Social Media

By doing social media management courses, you will never be able to know the whole pages, but a course can boost your energy of being a social media manager.

5. Learn to Build Your Managerial Skill

In this stage of becoming a social media manager, you will need to learn how to build your managerial skill including communication, time management and other analytical skills.

6. Practice With Your Utmost Effort

Practising can take up to the mark where you want to see yourself ranked with a lot of professional and managerial skill. The more you will practice, The more you will learn. 

7. Stay Informed Always

As a social media manager staying informed is kind of a rule and regulation. Getting up to date with the trend and emotion will help to know more about the audiences.

8. Choosing A Platform To Be A Master Of

Now is the time for being a master of a specific social media field. Find your strong zone, research it and go with this strong zone deeper to find more and make yourself a master of all kinds about that topic. This is why your audiences are going to find you.

Ending Note

Social media experts and managers have a variety of responsibilities including planning and posting content, connecting with influencers and customers, and monitoring what people are saying about the brand across the web.

To perform these duties, social media managers need to develop a number of skills including copywriting, graphic design, research, time management, and communication.

You must learn the ins and outs of each social media platform and the types of audiences that use them. 

After all, for better knowing and understanding a freelance social media manager what you need is a social media branding course. Let’s go together and find all about it.

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