How To Become An Office Admin Assistant With No Experience

Office admin assistants are one of the core parts of office management. They act as a bridge among the different wings of an office. An office comprises different working wings such as accounts, admin, human resources, public relations and so on. These are like puzzles and office admin assistants are the common link between them. So, office admin assistant is a dynamic job which is an essential part of the day to day operations of an office and necessary to keep the office as well as the whole business running smoothly. 

What Duties An Office Admin Assistant Perform?

Office admin assistants are employed in almost every sector of business. As an office admin assistant, you have to perform numerous clerical and administrative duties that are necessary to support your employer’s business keeping the pace of work in a well organized and efficient manner. Duties of an office admin assistant vary with the type and magnitude of the company you work for, But some duties are common in all companies. These may include:

  • Greeting the clients visiting your workplace and guiding them as needed.
  • Answering emails, phone calls or any other inquiries made by the clients.
  • Scheduling work plans and tasks for other employees as per the direction of the boss.
  • Acting as the spokesman of the boss.
  • Creating and maintaining work records of the office.
  • Coordinating meetings and appointments for the managers and executives. 
  • Issuing all the letters and mails for office purposes.
  • Creating and drafting the monthly and annual reports for the office.
  • Performing some bookkeeping duties and so on.

Career Prospects

As the corporate world is emerging and businesses are getting more complex than before, there’s a great demand for dynamic, efficient and proactive office admin assistants upon whom employers can rely to spare some duties. So, you’ll never be running out of jobs as an office admin assistant if you are skilful and competent.

Though the office admin assistant is an entry-level job, there’s a huge opportunity to climb up at the higher position. You can end up as the chief admin officer or a manager in the company and who knows that someday you won’t be the CEO of the company if you are capable of that? 

You might be wondering about how much an office admin assistant gets paid for his job? Studies and surveys reveal that office admin assistants are getting paid a handsome salary across the globe. According to, the annual average salary of an office admin assistant in the UK is £19500. However, the salary depends on your skillsets and performance, be skilful and get paid more. 

What Qualification Requirements You Need to Meet for Office Admin Assistant

Qualification requirements for office admin assistants depend on the demand of individual companies. However, most of the entry-level office admin assistant job requires graduation or a diploma. Besides this, you can give a competitive edge with some relevant certification which shows your efficiency and potential. Very common qualification in this field is a certified office admin professional which will boost up the odds to your favour to get into an office admin assistant.

How Can You Become An Office Admin Assistant Without Experience?

Maybe you are a fresh graduate or a last year student of your college and thinking about starting your career as an office admin assistant. But you have no working experience. So you might be wondering about how to get a job with no experience. Actually, in the corporate world, experience speaks louder than academic qualifications. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that freshers don’t get a job as they have no working experience. Remember that the experienced one was also a fresher once. 

So, what things helped them to break the ice? Those were the things that prove their capability and potential and employers always look for these things while hiring a new employee. As a fresher, you also need to have these skills before making the first step to a job. Here is the checklist that you should follow.

Proficient Computer Literacy

Office admin assistants need to spend most of their time working with a computer. They need to do many tasks such as document writing, formatting, e-mailing, data analysis, database management and so on that need proficiency in computers. So if you have such proficiency in, highlight this in your resume. If not, then gain proficiency in some computer software such as Microsoft Office and add value to your resume. Organizing skills. Most of the coordination work of an office such as arranging meetings, scheduling and managing regular work records, contacting partners and buyers fall to admin assistant’s hand and employers always quest for a smart organizer who won’t make a mistake while performing all the tasks. So, if you have any record that demonstrates your mastery in organizing which can even be arranging a sports event at your college, never forget to highlight it. 

Team-Work And Multitasking

Since admin assistants are the bridge between the boss and other employees, so it’s important for them to work well with other employees in the office. So you need to be a team player who has the empathy to work with people of different background and viewpoint. 

Besides this, you should have multitasking capability as you need to perform different tasks simultaneously. For instance, you may have to write an urgent email while preparing the day report. Such a situation isn’t rare in an office. If you have such skills, highlight these. 

Good Communications Skill

Office admin assistants are responsible for a bunch of office-wide communication works such as answering calls and emails, handlings clients, liaison with partners and so on. How well you communicate in these situations will directly affect the impression of your company. So, good communication skill is a prerequisite to get an office admin assistant job. 

Sense of Urgency

As an office admin assistant, you need to do various works and obviously in time. If you have a timing issue, the harmony of the whole office will be disrupted. Besides, this will take your position at stake. So, there’s no space for being late. You should have a sense of urgency to perform all your tasks at the right time. If you have anything that represents your ability to work under pressure, make sure to highlight it. 


Besides these skills, any experience such as an internship or a relevant certification can enhance the weight of your resume and will give you extra exposure. So, you might be thinking of how can you achieve certification while you have your academic studies or other stuff to do. In this case, you may consider taking an online course where you can learn at your own schedule from anywhere. John Academy is offering you a professional online course on office admin assistant certification.

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