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How To keep Mind And Body Healthy

Over the last 20 years, mental health has become an increasing focus within the public eye. Why is that? Well, statistics don’t lie. It is estimated that in the last week, 1 in 6 individuals experienced a common or significant mental health problem. Behavioural challenges such as depression, anxiety and addiction are also reported to be the underlying cause of over 40 million years of disability in 20-29 years old, and there are concerns it may increase even further.

Giving Back in the Workplace

John Academy has been working with many employees who want to give back in their workplace, as well as acquire new skills which make them more appealing as future managers. Our counselling skills course will allow some of those pupils to branch out, training as coaches or mentors who can help their colleagues overcome difficult situations, as well as improve morale and personal satisfaction.

A majority of mental health challenges can be traced back to childhood. With that in mind, educational bodies are trying to ensure young people have access to the support they need. By employing counsellors, pastoral support officers and teaching staff with more training in mental health support, for example, they are planning ahead to secure the future of the next generation.

Innovative Types of Therapy

External providers for more innovative types of therapy are also on the rise. However, individual practitioners are frequently expected to gain accreditation in a variety of health benefits and well-being courses in order to be trusted by their clients. As well as the courses mentioned above, John Academy also provide specialised training in different sections.  all of which come with an award in education and training which can be added to any professional portfolio.

The landscape of health and well-being is changing drastically. From opening hours to office decor, companies across the globe have reviewed their work ethos and work environments in a bid to boost productivity and reduce stress-related health problems. However, it is vital that people continue to train and develop in order to provide knowledgeable and effective support to those in need.


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September 25, 2020

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