Duties and Responsibilities of a Nursery Nurse

How would you feel if you are spending time with children all around you? 

Imagine such a delightful environment full of future-stars with you. You are there for looking after the heavenly kids until their age of seven. 

You know that kids are angelic and the future of any nation. They are kind of the backbone of a nation. In the future, these children will rule the world. So guiding the nation’s future on your own is the feeling that you won’t have from anywhere else. 

Oh, maybe you just loved it, right? But you don’t know what’s the pros and cons of Nursery nurse duties, role, responsibilities. 

Don’t worry! I am here for you today and make you clear about this amazing sector. All you need to do is to be with me, I will show you the path so that you can make your next smart-career decision.

First thing first, you probably know about hospital-nurse but not about nursery nurses. 

What is a Nursery Nurse?

What is a Nursery Nurse?

Nursing personnel is one of the largest health care professionals who are working in various settings, like in the clinical, Educational, holistic setting, etc. The nursery nurses are usually working in preschools and nurseries settings. 

In a very simple way, a nursery nurse deals with children and their needs. The nursery nurse is who works for the children to make their daily life easy and brings well-being for them. 

Usually, Nursery nurses provide care for children up to 7 years old. From a variety of settings, nurses serve children in many aspects of their daily lives, through social, emotional, educational and practical interaction, nurturing and guidance

Major duties and responsibilities of a nursery nurse?

In this setting, a nurse has to serve many different dimensions at a glance. The main nursery nurse duties and responsibilities are:

  • To support individual children and groups, under the direction of the class teacher/authorities and using a range of strategies to support all children in their learning.
  • To help pupils to access the full curriculum, at the same time promoting independent learning both inside and outside as well as self-reliance and interdependence.
  • To observe pupils' performance and engagement, using the systems in place in the class to provide the teacher with feedback on pupil progress and learning.
  • To help to maintain individual and group records using 2 simple and other forms of formative and summative assessment and recording.
  • To support individual children and groups, under the direction of the class teacher/authorities and using a range of strategies to support all children in their learning.
  • To contribute to the planning and evaluation of learning activities for individuals and groups.
effective working relationships -nursery nurse
  • To liaise with and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues and parents and other professionals.
  • To help prepare and maintain an engaging, purposeful, orderly and supportive environment for learning both inside and outside.
  • To provide care concerning the physical welfare of pupils, including self-care and other personal needs of children and implement related personal programmes.
  • To be responsible for planning an area or areas alongside teachers.
  • To support with lunch service and other refreshment prep as timetabled or required.
  • To identify and report concerns in regards to children's development and progress.
  • To maintain and complete nursery paperwork (medicine checks, accident forms, etc.).

Nursery nurse Job description

As you already know the major duties of a nursery nurse, in this part, I will demonstrate this job industry’s ins and outs. Here we go:

Kids teaching - nursery nurse

Working hours

It is Depending on the specific vacancy you go for. It can be suitable for people looking to work flexible hours. The number of hours you work may be full or part-time, it will all depend on the requirements of your employer. 

You could possibly job share with another nursery nurse, to split the responsibilities around any other commitments too. So working hours depending on how you want. Nursery nurses are also used in other places, such as family centres, schools or hospitals. So it depends on their requirements.

Occasionally, nurses are employed by charities or social services to work on an individual basis; the working hours will be specified by the needs of the children. The role can sometimes include travel abroad with the pupils. So working hours depends on your agreement.

Expected salary of a nursery nurse:

According to reed, the average salary of a nursery nurse is £23,171(full-time). 

The Salary depends on your location and the vacancy. It varies from city to city, town to town.  There is a chance to recruit by a family, depending on your contact your salary can earn a good figured amount.

Nursery Nurse Qualifications

To become a nursery nurse, most of the nurses have achieved a Leve 3 Diploma in Nursery Nurse. Minimum grade in Maths and English are often prefered.

You can get these criteria through various methods:

  • CACHE Level-3 Diploma in Child Care and Education
  • BTEC National Diploma in Children's Care
  • NVQ Level-3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development

Skills you need to become a nursery nurse

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is likely the singular most important skill in any industry, but even more so in a nursery nursing.

Decision Making Skills

Children are in your hand, so you have to make critical decisions anytime.

Attention to Detail

It can be easy to make a mistake anytime, mainly when you are 10 hours into a restless shift.

nursery nurse for kids


You have to be faithful in your abilities and training.

Adaptability and Flexibility

You have to have excellent adaptability and flexibility at work. When you are working in the child care sector, having this quality is more important than any other sector.


You have to have a strong mindset for working long hours. You have to be physically fit for restless duties.

Organisational Skills

When you are working with children, you are required to be a good organiser.

Teamwork Skills

No requirements would be complete without mentioning the need to work fullest with others.

Leadership Skills

This is not an obvious entry requirement, but it plays a big part in a nurse’s career anyway. 

Multitasking Skills

You have to be ready for multitasking, as the nurse’s hands are constantly full of multiple tasks 

The nice and hardest part of being a Nursery Nurse

Kids Teacher-nursery nurse duties

It can be a fun, flexible and rewarding career for you. This sector will always be in demand as children need childcare. There are job insecurities in many general industries, so this sector might be a welcoming career for you. If you have your own child, you can negotiate with your employer to bring them with you at the workplace. 

The hardest part is, being with children for very long hours can be difficult. Dealing with different children, such as children with disabilities, autistic, an infant, can be challenging. This is not always easy to predict a day, this can be uncertain and unexpected as children are caught up with frequent unwellness. You might encounter 12 hours of long restless duties.

So, now you know about the nursery nursing duties, skills, qualifications. A career in the child care sector could be a very satisfying one for one who loves to be with children. You are committed to the nation to ensure a healthy next generation. A nursery nurse can make a difference by serving children with their heart and soul to the fullest. 

If you love children then nothing to say more, just go ahead and try up to the mark. 


July 8, 2020

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