7 Fun Online Games You Should Try

The Internet is incredibly useful as it is an enormous resource that can be used for all kinds of things. It has transformed the way we study, do research, watch films, and communicate. For many people, however, the Internet means online one thing: games! There are many awesome online games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. From shooting games to sports games, whatever your interests are, there is sure to be a game for you.

To help everyone out there who is looking for something new to play, here are 7 fun online games you should try.

1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty has many different modes which you can play such as campaign mode and multiplayer, but the most popular mode is definitely online. Millions of people play Call of Duty Modern Warfare over the Internet and it is now the single most popular online game in the world. A military-based shoot ‘em up game, every Call of Duty reboot has a load of massive maps which the top players need to learn like the back of their hand if they want to be successful playing online. Getting to know the weapons is also very important in becoming a top player as it will enable you to get kills no matter what equipment you have.

The best way to improve your Call of Duty skills so that you can triumph during online gameplay is to practice on the offline modes. Call of Duty has a campaign mode where you play as a soldier on military missions, and split-screen mode where you can take on your real-life friends. Both of these game modes will help you to learn the maps as well as practice with all of the different weapons available. If you are playing against friends who are less experienced than you, limit yourself to only using knives or low-power weapons so that you can perform no matter the circumstances. Once you have honed your skills, you can then take on the best players around the world online.

2. Fifa Online

The number one selling sports game in the world, Fifa Online is played by football fans of all ages. The first-ever Fifa video game was released way back in 1993, but the latest versions draw on all of the success of the franchise but bring the game right up to the modern-day with unbelievable graphics and gameplay. As you pit your skills against other online players, your success grants you special coins with which you can buy new packs. These packs contain new players, jerseys, and other special awards. The excitement of opening a hard-earned pack and receiving Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi makes all the unjust defeats and missed penalties seem almost worth it. Almost. You can play Fifa Online on both PC and console so it is available for everyone.

If you are a serious gamer, there are Fifa Online tournaments that are held regularly in different countries where the best players get together to duke it out for the title of best player in the world. The top tournament, the Fifa eWorld Cup as it is called, was last held in 2019 in London, England, and was won by Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkous from Germany who defeated the 2018 champion Mosaad Aldosaary 3-2 on aggregate. If you are not quite at this level yet, try organising a tournament between all your friends to see who has the bragging rights once all the matches have been played. There is no better feeling than taking down a friend who is always claiming to be the best at Fifa, even if it only shuts them up until the next time you play.

3. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is the ultimate spelling game to see who out of your friends and family is the sharpest tool in the box. Usually played on the phone through an app, Words With Friends is very similar to the popular board game Scrabble where players have to make the highest scoring word possible with the different letter tiles they have available. Honing your word-making skills takes time but an anagram finder can help you to see all the possible words in your tiles. Online anagram finders allow you to enter all the letters you have before giving you a list of words you could put out on the board to beat your friends. 

One fun thing to do is to have a competition with all of your friends and family to see who can get the highest score for a single word. Make it a monthly challenge during which everyone screenshots any high scoring words they put out and the player with the highest at the end of the month wins a prize from the others. The highest ever recorded score for one word was 1,672 for “Oxyphenbutazone” which was played by Tony Hall. It is worth noting, however, that the game was intentionally contrived for Hall to be able to get the word out so you shouldn’t feel too inadequate if you never manage to play “oxyphenbutazone” during your games.

4. Halo 3

Another shoot ‘em up, the Halo series has been groundbreaking in its gameplay and graphics, and for many people, Halo 3 was the best ever. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players control a genetically modified super soldier armed with a huge cache of crazy weapons and items. Halo 3 has story mode for single players as well as multiplayer and online modes for taking on other people around the world. With the release of Halo 6 due later this year, fans of the franchise are already getting excited to see what the latest instalment has to offer.

The original Halo game, Halo:Combat Evolved was released way back in 2001 and was one of the launch titles which facilitated the immediate success of the XBox console. Since that first release, the subsequent titles have really pushed the limits when it comes to graphics, gameplay and overall gaming fun. While some fans were left underwhelmed by Halo 5, it is widely considered to have just been a minor blip on the otherwise flawless record of a fantastic franchise. The buzz around Halo 6 generated by early screenshots and promotions suggests that this may be the biggest release of the year. Here’s hoping it can live up to all the hype.


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, or PUBG as it is most commonly known, is the third first player shooter game on this list and it has really taken the online gaming world by storm since it was first released in March 2017 and has since sold over 70 million copies worldwide. Perhaps better known in Asian gaming communities than those in the West, players are dropped from a plane onto one of four enormous maps where they then have to fight it out with up to one hundred other players to be the last man standing. This “battle royale” style gameplay (named after the cult classic Japanese movie Battle Royale) has proven to be incredibly popular with other games looking to follow in PUBG’s footsteps and develop similar modes. The game has proven to be so fun that some countries have even banned the game for being too addictive for young players.

PUBG is such a popular game that the best players are able to generate huge online audiences just to watch them play. In March 2020, the famous gamer and YouTuber Carry Minati took on Soul Mortal, a professional gamer and streamer, in a 1 vs 1 “To the Death” match. At one point, between the two players’ live channels, more than 385,000 people were tuned in watching the matchup, which is the highest ever recorded audience for a PUBG game. Other records include a record of 92 kills in a single game by Bashar Khaleel. It is worth noting that 87 of these kills came as the result of a server error, which left all of those players immobile, and Khaleel to go on an uninterrupted killing spree which made him famous overnight in the gaming world.

6. Fall Guys

An incredibly simple but wonderfully addictive game, Fall Guys has been a massive hit since its release in 2020 and was one of the most sought after Christmas gifts last year. Inspired by TV shows like Total Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle, up to sixty online players control cute, colourful characters whose goal is to qualify for the next round by completing lots of mini tasks. These include challenges like running races and tag, while others require players to work in teams to defeat their opponents. The game has a battle royale style in which the sixty players are eventually eliminated until there is one surviving champion. Originally only available on PC, the game has now been developed for the PS4 with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions on the way later in 2021. Fun for players of all ages, Fall Guys looks set to continue its meteoric success with these new platforms making the game available to even more players.

Many gaming experts and commentators have been surprised at the success of Fall Guys as its simplicity makes it so glaringly different from the other popular games on lists like this. In fact, it is this simplicity that makes the game so charming and ultimately so appealing to players. Fall Guys is like a throwback to a simpler time when graphics weren’t so painstakingly realistic and gaming was all about having fun. The game is like the regeneration of an early Crash Bandicoot or Sonic The Hedgehog title, and it is this nostalgia that perhaps made Fall Guys such an instant hit. The game is so popular, in fact, that in 2020, Sony announced it had become the most downloaded Playstation Plus game of all time. When you think about some of the other titles available on Playstation Plus, this is some feat for such a simple game.

7. League of Legends

In the rapidly changing world of online gaming, some younger players may scoff at this dinosaur of a game (even though it is barely ten years old) as being one for the granddads. Despite this, LOL as it is affectionately known to its fans continues to be one of the most popular online games ever created. League of Legends is a multiplayer battle game where players can choose one of 140 champions to fight their way through huge maps. The gameplay works with two five-player teams going up against each other. Successful matches award players points with which to level up their champions and buy new items to make their champions more powerful. There is much debate between players about who the best champion is so the best thing to do is to try them all out and see which ones suit your style of play. 

Like many of the other games on this list, League of Legends has some amazing records posted by the top players as well as some highly competitive tournaments. The League of Legends World Championships is held every year with teams from all over the world competing for a multi-million dollar prize. The most competitive team of all time is the T1 esports team from South Korea who have won the tournament three times in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Last year’s winners, the Damwon Gaming team who are also from South Korea, defeated the Suning team in their home country of China. Unfortunately, the plans for the 2021 tournament (due to be held in Shenzhen in China) have yet to be determined due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. At least this will give you time to practice if you want to enter the tournament.

With so many fantastic online games available both on PC and on the various consoles, there really is something for everyone. Whether you love taking out your opponents in a Battle Royale or destroying them with a well-placed free-kick, the games in this article can provide hours of fun. Try out some of these games and see how your skills match up to other players around the world.

Basic Tips for Gamers
Do you consider being a game developer as your dream job? If so, then this course will help you by providing you with the tips and advice for gamers.
Basic Tips for Gamers
Do you consider being a game developer as your dream job? If so, then this course will help you by providing you with the tips and advice for gamers.
June 27, 2022
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