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10 Highest Paying Summer Jobs In The UK

The summer season provides a lot of opportunities in the United Kingdom. For those who are already professionals and employed, many of them would choose to make the most out of the lovely weather and go on a holiday. For the students, the opposite is true. Like their peers, many would opt to work.

Apart from funding a part of their educational needs when the term starts again, working during the summer season gives the youngsters pocket money to fund their summer fun. Some use it to save for a holiday as well, going out with friends, or other needs these part-timers have. The good news for those living in the UK is you’ll never be without work opportunities as long as you search and apply hard enough.

If you’re looking for summer jobs to keep you occupied and financially able during the summer, here’s a list of the highest paying jobs in the country:

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1. Events Assistant

The summer season in the UK holds many events, left and right. So, if you love events yourself, you may have the best of both worlds by scoring free tickets or even a ticketless entrance through working as an events assistant. With the numerous events that happen when the weather is good, you can choose whether you’ll opt for sports, music, or even a charity or advocacy-based event.

As an events assistant, you’ll be tasked to do any kind of job which relates to the event’s success. This can be in ticket selling, catering, and even cleaning. If you’re a people person and you also don’t have a problem catering to and talking to others, then this is a good summer job for you to take advantage of.

If you’re interested to succeed as an events assistant, here are some insightful tips for you to remember:

  • Always make use of data and information available to you. This can help ensure that everything about your event goes smoothly as planned. For example, the last thing you want is to not serve enough food for the event-goers as you didn’t prepare enough for the possible spike or rise in the number of attendees.
  • Take a lot of photos. You can always do your part in marketing the event you’re working for (even if you aren’t in the marketing department) by taking photos of the event. In today’s day and age where social media is very popular, you can instantly get the hype up about an event simply through posting photos.
  • Master the basic event-planning skills. There are certain event-planning skills you need to master, regardless of the position you hold in the event. With these skills, you’re guaranteed to take a more active role in ensuring the event goes successfully as planned. Some of these skills include organizational skills, adaptability, and creativity.

2. Teaching Assistant

Because you haven’t graduated yet and don’t have a degree, then you can’t work as a teacher. But for busy professors, you can always help out and be employed as an assistant. While you may be on a school break, this may not always be the case for other students. Some may still have summer classes like those in the university or non-term courses like certificates and kids’ childcare.

Teaching Assistant

Your job as a teaching assistant varies depending on the level you’re handling. For childcare and therapy sessions, you may be asked to help out with the other kids, follow the teacher’s orders, and help pack away and sort out toys, among many other tasks needed to help a young nursery stay in order.

3. Sales Assistant

For those of you who love fashion or have always wanted a job in the retail industry, this is one of the sectors that have a lucrative opening during the summertime. It’s quite an adventure working as a sales assistant, whatever the brand it is you’re keen on working for. 

As a sales assistant or sales representative, your job is to ensure that shoppers have a pleasant experience while in the store. You help them find their sizes and other stocks, and you’re always there to assist them while they shop. Other job responsibilities can include tidying up the shelves and racks, cleaning, or manning the cash register.

4. Call Centre Agent

For those of you who have a knack for talking to people on the phone and have a whole lot of patience, working as a call centre agent is another popular summer job in the UK. In fact, with the right schedule and if you’re good at what you do, you can continue working in the call centre even when your school term has already started.

Call Centre Agen

This is a great job opportunity as the pay may also be quite good. It’s also up to you to select the shift you prefer. If you don’t mind working at night in exchange for higher pay, you can always take the graveyard shift. If you prefer working during day time, that’s up to you, too. Once you start your school term, you can always modify your working hours to make them fit your school schedule.

5. Bar Staff

If you have bartending skills, working as a part-time bartender is also another popular job during the summer season. This is especially true with music festivals where alcohol is served. If you don’t have bartending skills but you like to work in the bar for the music and the fun, you can also work as a staff, usually as servers.

Depending on the establishment you’re working for, you may also be asked to take food orders for light meals that are served when drinking. This means you have to be willing to interact and talk with the customers as any other server or waiter and waitress would.

6. Tutor

In today’s digital day and age, tutors are becoming even more widely popular and available. When you’re off school, you can work as a tutor, both online and with one-on-one physical sessions.

As an online tutor, you can teach young kids overseas who want to learn English. You can even teach a foreign language if you know any. For physical sessions, you can tutor students who are at a younger level than you academically. Some parents choose to have tutorial sessions for their kids during the summer just to brush up on certain subjects their kids may have difficulty in.

It’s your call as to which option you’ll go for, whether you’ll work as an online or as a physical tutor.

7. Pet Care Or Dog Walker

The UK is a country filled with families and individuals who are dog lovers. Lucky for you, this fact presents a good work opportunity as well. While many have dogs with them at home, it’s not always the case that those dog owners have the time every single day to walk their dogs out. Especially for those dog breeds that need to be walked, you’ll certainly find dog owners who are willing to pay for an hourly rate just to walk their dogs.

Pet Care Or Dog Walker

If you love dogs yourself, then this is a good summer job opportunity you can easily fit around your schedule. In fact, if you want to maximize your time and work multiple jobs, you can work as a dog walker after your other shifts. And if you’re strategic enough, you can even handle two dogs in one go from multiple dog owners. That stretches your time and money-making opportunity.

8. Theme Park Jobs

Theme park jobs are very popular during the summertime since it’s also during this time that the parks are busier. Kids have some time off school and the weather is great. Families like to make the most of the weather to enjoy time out with the children in theme parks, and even teenagers who want to have fun too.

Because this is only a seasonal peak in the number of theme park visitors, it necessarily follows that theme park administrators don’t need to hire a full set of employees the whole year round. It’s enough to have part-time employees, usually students who are also looking for summer jobs, to fill in during this peak season.

In the theme park, there’s a variety of jobs you can choose from. You can work in tickets, food stands, ride assistance, mascots, photography, and cleaning.

9. Translator

This job may be quite limited, open only to those of you who are efficient with a foreign language. The skill or efficiency in that language opens you up to working as a translator. While this job is open as a part-time job the whole year, you can have more free hours dedicated to this job in the summer season when you don’t have your academics to worry about.

There are many opportunities for translators online. You can be asked to transcribe or translate certain documents from the foreign language you’re well versed in, to English, and vice-versa. If you like a bit more excitement, partner with travel agencies and you may be able to work as a translator for foreign visitors entering the UK for holiday or business.

10. Babysitter

Babysitters or nannies are quite common in the UK, especially during the summer season when families are out and having fun under the sun. Parents also want to take advantage of the beautiful weather to spend some quality time with each other, creating a need for people who can look after their young. If you love children, then it’s a good job opportunity for you to work as a babysitter.

Babysitter jobs

As a nanny, your job functions go around basic child care. These include feeding the child with the meals prepared by the parents before they leave, putting the kids to bed, making sure they’re safe, and providing educational play activities. To succeed with those job functions, here’s a quick rundown of things you can do to be a better nanny or babysitter:

  • Understand your comfort level, according to the roles you have to do as a babysitter and the number of children you can babysit safely. If this is going to be your first time working as a babysitter, then take it easy. Don’t immediately say yes to the responsibility of working as a nanny to three young children.
  • Be prepared for everything. This means that as a good babysitter, you need to have contact numbers on your mobile phone. Apart from having the parents’ mobile numbers, you should have emergency numbers as well, so it’s easier for you to provide solutions to an emergency, especially when you know who to call. Think hospital services, the kids’ doctor, the police, and the fire department.
  • Be organized. You can make your job as the babysitter easier when you adhere to the routine prepared by the parents, so it pays to be an organized person. The last thing you want is to be all over the place because you failed to observe the routine that the child is used to having.

It’s also for this reason that you need to open up and ask a lot of questions to the parents. The more you ask, the more you’ll know. This also assures the parents that they can trust you as you’re receptive and active enough to learn more.


If you’re a student or a part-timer looking for a summer job, the list above can give you ideas of what’s out there for you to do. There are many different jobs you can do, and it’s up to you to select the one you’re most inclined with.

A summer job isn’t one for you to take lightly as it still requires focus and dedication. So, before you even start with one, you have to be certain you can give it your best shot. When you work strategically and well enough with your schedule, you can learn quite a lot to save and enjoy, even when it’s only a part-time summer job. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you look for a job that’s suitable for your skills.

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