5 Reasons To learn Spanish Online as an Adult

Ole! Who has never felt inspired by the Spanish-speaking world? There’s a reason why so many teens continue to study this language at school. However, if you never learned Spanish as a youngster – or if you’ve forgotten everything you covered in your GCSEs – it’s not too late. There are plenty of benefits to learn Spanish Online as an Adult, and here are just a few of them.

1) It’s one of the world’s most-spoken languages

The language with the most native speakers is Mandarin, but you might be surprised to learn that Spanish is in second place on the table – yes, above English. There are 480 million native Spanish speakers around the world, so this is a language that will open some serious doors to you. If you’re planning to visit Spain or Latin America, Spanish classes will help you communicate. What’s more, the number of Spanish speakers in countries like the USA is on the rise, so this language will just get more and more important.

2) …and it’s spoken in diverse countries

One of the beauties of the Spanish speaking world is just how much variety it offers. Spain is a modern European country with its own unique traditions, while Latin America is an incredibly diverse region. From the deserts of Mexico to the tropical jungles of Costa Rica to the snow-capped mountains of Chile or the cowboy-farmed plains of Argentina, Spanish speaking countries have so much to offer. Learning the language will unlock all of this richness.

3) It can help you learn other languages

Spanish derives from Latin, which means it’s got a lot in common with other languages like Portuguese, Italian, French and Catalan. If you master Spanish, you’ll find it easier to get by in these languages, too. That means you’ll have even more travel and cultural opportunities.

4) It’s musically inspiring

Latin rhythms are hugely popular – and it’s easy to see why. Spanish music includes salsa, bachata, cumbia and merengue, as well as Spain’s classic flamenco, and modern movements like reggaeton or Spanish rap. If you don’t speak the language, you’ll never be able to fully appreciate this rich musical heritage.

5) It’s full of culture

As well as music, Spanish speakers are big in the world of sports, food, literature, political thought, and so much more. Take a Spanish course today, and you’ll find all of this available to you.


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September 25, 2020
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