Learn a Foreign Language to Boost Your IQ

We’ve all been there… on holiday, lost, confused and completely baffled by the local language. Getting yourself out of that particular situation is one excellent reason to start learning a new foreign language – or brush up on what you learned in school – but there are other advantages to picking up foreign language skills as an adult which you may not have considered. You should Learn a foreign language to boost your IQ, We’ve all been there… on holiday, lost, confused and completely baffled by the local language.

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It makes you more intelligent

A wide variety of peer-reviewed studies have shown that learning a new foreign language makes you cleverer all round.

First of all, learning new vocabulary and grammar structures improves your memory and your attention span, making you better able to pick up and retain information in other areas.

Secondly, formally learning a language has been shown to make you a more logical thinker and makes you better able to multi-task, as you train your brain to respond to the rules of grammar and switch from one language to another.

Learn multiple languages easily

Thirdly, learning one new language makes it easier to learn another. When you start to understand how to analyse linguistic structures, it becomes easier to apply that understanding to other scenarios: your brain develops a skill similar to muscle memory, and is more easily able to adapt to repeating the process of learning a new language.

Finally, it has become clear to scientists in recent years that the human brain does not stop developing, but can continue to create new synapses (connections between brain cells) throughout your life. Since the areas of your brain which deal with language are not centred in one cortex, but throughout the brain, some scientists think that learning a new language is one of the best ways to increase your synaptic capacity!

Take a Diploma in Learning Foreign Languages

If you think you could benefit from the all-round improvements that language learning can bring, you should consider taking our Diploma in Learning Foreign Languages. This online course gives you a solid grounding in how to pick up a new language most effectively: you’ll learn techniques for how to understand mastering different grammar structures, as well as methods of memorising vocabulary easily, as well as learning three of the most useful European languages: French, German and Spanish. The course has no prerequisites and it is open to everyone: check out the course structure. Alternatively, if you prefer to focus on one particular language, we offer courses in British Sign Language, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

May 11, 2023
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