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Becoming an Electrician at 40: Is it Possible?

Are you a braveheart in your 40s who is thinking of making a switch in your profession? Are technical jobs of interest to you? Then the possibility of becoming an Electrician at 40 must-have crossed your mind. But at the same time, you must be encountering doubts. Is becoming an Electrician at 40 a viable option? Or even a possible one? And we all know that these are troubling questions. 

But cheer up! And keep scrolling to join this in-depth discussion with us. Becoming an Electrician at 40 can be one of the most life-changing decisions you can make. And soon you’ll get an idea why that is.

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Who Is An Electrician?

An Electrician is a highly skilled professional or tradesman in the field of Electrotechnology. Their job types can vary widely. Usually, it depends on how they choose their specialisations. But to categorise broadly, they primarily work with electrical appliances and systems. And such works mainly include installation, repair, and maintenance jobs.

An electrician at work

A few examples of some regular jobs of electricians are- 

  • Planning wiring layout
  • Inspecting damaged appliances and systems and fixing them
  • Installing wirings and connections 
  • Testing and maintaining Electrical pieces of equipment 

Electricians can choose their specialisations in different areas of expertise. They can also choose the type of buildings to become experts at. For example, residential, commercial, industrial, low-voltage electricians, etc. They all have their particular ways of working as per their expertise. 

Reasons To Consider The Job Of An Electrician:

Male electrician fixing a cable

If you are not an electrician yet, chances are that you have taken services from one or more at least a few times. We all have done that. And that is because we are all so dependent on Electricians. Because the skills and expertise that Electricians have to offer are highly valuable. So there are many compelling reasons why you should consider becoming an Electrician. Here are just a few examples- 

A Never-Ending Demand For Power

Do you expect that the need for electricity is going to fade away soon? Hopefully not, because it isn’t. The world is yet to figure out how to meet the rising demand for everyday power. And with the increasing need for electricity, society will need more competent electricians.

Flexibility Of Working Modes

Electricians are needed everywhere. To illustrate – in residential, commercial, industrial, etc., different places require electricians. And usually, specialised expertise is needed everywhere. The duration of tasks has variations as well. Some tasks might take just an hour or two to solve. In contrast, some require the electricians to stay at the work site for months. 

So there is a variety of settings and modes that electricians can choose from. Indoor or outdoor, regular hours or seasonal duties – you can make a choice here.  

Rising Demand For Housing

We all know about the rising demand for new buildings in the UK. And an increase in the number of buildings means an increase in the number of electrician jobs. So electricians are not going to be less wanted any time soon. And that is worth considering while thinking about your career options.

Steady Income

Electricians are always in demand for small to large-scale works. As a result, there are always jobs. And when there is a job, there is pay. So electricians are consistently in a secure and stable financial place in general.

Solving Complex Problems 

Are you expecting that all your work problems as an Electrician are going to be simple? Then you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. But, that is also a great perk of the job of an electrician. Sometimes the concerns that require addressing aren’t too easy to detect. So just anyone can’t figure them out. But as an electrician, if you can solve them, that can bring energy to someone’s life. And how fulfilling do you think that is?

Can I Become An Electrician At 40?

The answer is a big fat ‘YES’! 

It’s not just that becoming an Electrician at 40 is merely possible for you. In fact, in many ways, your odds are much better than others. Because you have many benefits over your younger counterparts for becoming an Electrician at 40.

Are you wondering why? To mention just a few-

  • At 40, you have your reasons to become an Electrician. While on the opposite side, a younger learner has familial pressures to deal with. So your own reasons are your biggest motivators.
  • Life experiences are the biggest resources for learning, period. 
  • When you are self-motivated, the learning process gets accelerated in unknowable ways. 

And this is just scratching the surface of whether you can become an Electrician at 40. So keep reading to get a more in-depth insight into why it could absolutely be a winning deal for you. We have got that covered here later in this article.  

What Does It Take To Become An Electrician?

Given your assumed experience in life, this is probably easy for you to understand and achieve. However, like most other fields, becoming an Electrician will first require proof of your high school credentials. Later, you will need to go through an intense training or apprenticeship phase. And the whole process will be topped by your getting a recognised assessment or certification. 

Electrical equipments

The skills, knowledge base, training, etc. that you will need for becoming an Electrician at 40 are covered below in-depth: 

Knowledge And Education Needed To Become An Electrician

Becoming an Electrician at 40 doesn’t mean that you need to ingest loads of books. But the job requires certain specialities and working knowledge. So, some background knowledge will be needed for setting foot in this profession. 

To begin with, complete high school education or equivalent credentials will be necessary. And if this much is done, the rest isn’t too hard. For the most part, it will particularly help if you had mathematics and physics in high school. Later you can pick up the rest along the way. 

Here is a compact list of the background knowledge that you’ll need at your workplace:

High School Education: 

The job of an Electrician is suitable for anyone who has completed high school education. But unless that is completed, it can get tricky. So your GCSE scores will usually be asked for at training and job interviews. Typically, having a minimum of a D in Mathematics and Physics will be enough. Now here is a basic list of the things that you might need to recall from high school: 

1. High school mathematics

  • Basic Arithmetic operations
  • Basic Algebra
  • Basic Geometry
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Sound knowledge on measurements and units

2. High school Physics

  • Electricity and Magnetism. 
  • Working knowledge of circuitry 
  • The common SI Units 
  • Basic concepts of Energy and how energy transforms 

Advanced Knowledge: 

Anyone with basic high school knowledge can become an Electrician. But that will only happen when he combines it with the necessary skills and knowledge. Some examples of such advanced knowledge are as follows:

An electrical circuit

1. The ability to read floor plans.

2. Knowing the standard electrical components and appliances. For example:

  • Wires/conduits
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Switchboards
  • Circuit components 
  • Most used Electronic fixtures

3. Electrical standards and approved codes of practice.

4. Grounding systems.

5. Tools.

This list will undoubtedly expand depending on where you choose to specialise. And from school to school, the training curriculum will also vary. But building a solid foundation on the mentioned topics will undoubtedly set you off towards a great start. 

You can take this well-structured Electrician Course and gain an Advanced Diploma. Through this instructor-led course, you’ll learn all the fundamental and advanced knowledge required to be a successful electrician.

The Necessary Mindset

An Electrician is a distinguished professional. So he needs to adopt specific mindsets. To demonstrate a few- an Electrician must understand the importance of punctuality. And having an open mind towards learning new things always is another key quality. But the most important one is- adopting a safety-first attitude on the job site. This is a non-negotiable trait of an Electrician. 

During the learning process, a trainee Electrician needs to think a certain way, too. For example, adopting a growth mindset is very important for this work. And a constant willingness to learn new things and solve problems will be required in training and the work field alike. 

Training and Apprenticeships

Heavy electrical work

The job of an Electrician is a highly practical one. And that means, you will need a lot more practical knowledge aside from what you may learn in the classroom. So getting hands-on training with an experienced Electrician is one of the most effective ways to learn. This is particularly true if you are in a hurry to start your career as an Electrician. 

We recommend taking an Online Electrician Course to make sure you’re ready for this career. It will also enhance your resume when you apply for electrician jobs

Assessments and Certifications

For getting solid recognition as an Electrician, the primary requirement is your GCSE certificates. Specifically, if you could secure grades above D in Mathematics, Science, and English – the certificate will help you even more. Later, you will have to take an industry-recognised exam that proves your expertise. And finally, you will need to prove at least a Level-3 qualification in your Assessment for getting officially certified. Having a level 2 qualification will also work in your favour. 

Complete Electrician Bundle Course - 11 in 1
This Complete Electrician Bundle Course consists of 11 courses on electrician training, PAT testing, first aid, health and safety.
Complete Electrician Bundle Course - 11 in 1
This Complete Electrician Bundle Course consists of 11 courses on electrician training, PAT testing, first aid, health and safety.

Why Becoming An Electrician At 40 Can Be A Winning Deal

Stepping up to become anything new in our 40s is an act of courage by itself. That’s how the culture is designed to make us feel. But have you ever thought that this is more of a cultural bias and less of a reality? 

All these years of experience have certainly matured you more as a human. What if they come to your advantage for doing something new?

2 elcertronics board connected to each otherHere are some of the reasons why becoming an electrician at 40 could be one of the best decisions you make: 

1. Mature Students Adopt Focused Modes Of Learning.

Both focused mode and diffused mode of learning have their own merits. But the job of an Electrician requires focused mode of learning. And usually, mature students show much better performance at focused modes of learning than their younger counterparts.

2. The Self-Motivation That You Have At 40 Couldn’t Have Come At A Younger Age.

When we are younger, most of us have tremendous pressure from our families to pursue education. Or sometimes families can be more adamant about setting a youngster up for a career path they don’t want to go for.
But right now, you have your reasons to think about becoming an Electrician at 40. Also, the self-motivation and confidence that comes with it is something that just cannot come at a younger age.

3. You Are More Trusted By Your Employers. 

One of the things that factor into employer-employee differences is often the age gap. So, mature students are often better at interviews for the jobs of Electricians. Moreover, this generally leads to better employer-employee relationships in the future.

4. You Are More Trusted By Your Clients. 

Be it a residential job or a commercial one- the trustworthiness of an Electrician is crucial. But sometimes, clients cannot trust the electrician enough. And it can result in relatively complex behaviour from their sides. But generally, when clients encounter a more mature Electrician, they feel more comfortable and secure. Thus, in your 40s, you are more likely to be treated and trusted much better by your clients.

5. Taking Up A New Line Of Work In Your 40s Is Extremely Healthy For Your Ageing Process In The 60s. 

Do you know about the benefits of learning a new skill for the ageing brain in the future? If not, then check out this Harvard Health Publishing article to learn more about this. But to summarise- the fact that you are mustering the courage to learn a new skill in your 40s can benefit you in unthinkable ways in your 60s.

Studies after studies have shown that learning a new skill improves ‘Neuroplasticity’. And that helps in improving your brain’s capacity to remember and concentrate. This can ultimately save you from distressing diseases twenty years down the line. To demonstrate, a couple of examples are- Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

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What Are The Challenges Of
Becoming An Electrician In General?

Being an Electrician can be a highly fulfilling job. And we know that every fulfilling career has its own set of challenges. That is, the presence of such challenges is what makes it so much more worth doing. 

Multiple elctric cable

The job of an Electrician is a revered one. So it has its own set of challenges too. Here are the most common aspects of this job that require attention:


This one is a no-brainer. We all know the consequences of an intolerable level of electricity passing through the human body. Therefore, electricity safety regulations are something that any layperson tries to abide by too. So it is only expected that an Electrician’s job of keeping things safe needs extra effort constantly.

Updating and Renewing Existing Knowledge

Electrotechnology has transformed humanity as very few other inventions have. Electricity is making micro to macro shifts everywhere and every day. And it’s only natural that Electricity undergoes frequent innovations now and then. So new appliances, tools, trends, technologies, etc., are coming to the market every day. As a result, staying up to date as an electrician can be somewhat of a challenge sometimes.

Putting in Extra Time and Effort 

Sometimes, the problems that an Electrician encounters at work aren’t the simplest ones. Electricity is not visible in our regular sight. So diagnosing some issues can take significant detective work. 

There are those days when no one knows how much time an unexpected problem might take to get detected. So that can mean open-ended requirements for time and effort on the electrician’s end. 

Complete Electrician Bundle Course - 11 in 1
This Complete Electrician Bundle Course consists of 11 courses on electrician training, PAT testing, first aid, health and safety.
Complete Electrician Bundle Course - 11 in 1
This Complete Electrician Bundle Course consists of 11 courses on electrician training, PAT testing, first aid, health and safety.

Closing Note

Do you still feel like becoming an Electrician at 40 is an impossible journey to begin? Hopefully, at least some of your doubts got cleared up. And in all honesty, the job of an Electrician can be as exciting and rewarding as it sounds. Also, when the age factor is combined with it- it gets even better in many ways! So, are you contemplating becoming an Electrician at 40 now? If yes, then thinking of the possible ways of teaching yourself more is a good point to get started. And don’t forget to check this well-structured course. This will give you a gist of the things that you might need to learn along the way.

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