The Benefits of Taking an Online Business Course

Whether you’re in business administration or not, taking an online business course can teach you important skills that will lead to success in your professional and personal life. These are transferable skills that you can carry forward with you, no matter where your end goal is.

Here are some of the skills commonly learned in business courses.

1. Communication

Whether you are interested in being a personal assistant (PA) or an administrative assistant, or you’re thinking of starting an online company, knowing how to communicate is key. This involves drafting emails to various parties (clients, customers, coworkers, partners, and even your boss), making important telephone calls using professional phone etiquette, giving presentations with reasonable tone and register, and working within a team to achieve goals. Taking online business courses can help you to gain these skills.

2. Computer software proficiency

We are living in a digital world and most of what it means to work in a business setting (or any professional setting) is working on a computer. Word processing programs, creating spreadsheets, social networking and video calling, creating effective presentations for business meetings – all of these are essential skills when working in business. Many companies today are looking to how many words per minute (WPM) you are able to type before inviting you for an interview for a secretarial or personal assistant position.

3. Organisation and administration

Running a business, working for a business, or even working from the comfort of your own home requires a certain level of organisation and planning. Scheduling is very important in the maintenance of keeping customer’s needs met and meeting important deadlines. Ensuring that all materials are present for the creation of projects keeps a team running smooth. This could mean the difference between keeping customers and clients coming back and making sure you appear courteous and professional.

4. Networking

It is very important to make the best first impression possible. What’s more important, however, is that you keep making that same great impression, time and time again. The better you come across and the more contacts you have, the more valuable of a person you are in the business world. Knowing how to network in person (parties and events), online (through various social media outlets) and over the phone is crucial to your success.

The e-Learning Advantage

December 6, 2023
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