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Masterclass of Business Strategy Consulting

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Course Curriculum

Section 01: Welcome to this Mini MBA Business Strategy Consulting Course!
Welcome to this Mini MBA Business Strategy Consulting Course 00:03:00
Mini MBA Business Strategy – Executive Summary – What you will learn 00:10:00
Section 02: What is MBA Level Business Strategy?
What is Business Strategy? 00:05:00
Business Vision and the Mission Statement 00:04:00
The Strategy Hierarchy within a Firm 00:06:00
Section 03: Designing Your Business Strategy
Introduction to Business Strategy Design 00:02:00
Business Model Design with the Business Model Canvas 00:13:00
Business Model Canvas Template 00:01:00
Lafley & Martin’s Five Step Strategy Model 00:05:00
Hambrick & Frederickson’s Strategy Diamond 00:06:00
Section 04: Business Strategy Over Time: Life Cycle Models
Understanding Life Cycles 00:02:00
The Industry Life Cycle 00:07:00
The Business Life Cycle 00:06:00
The Product Life Cycle 00:05:00
The Corporate Funding Life Cycle 00:04:00
Section 05: External Strategic Environment of the Firm: PEST and PESTEL Analysis
External Analysis Using Broad Factors 00:02:00
PEST Analysis 00:08:00
PESTEL Analysis 00:05:00
PESTEL Analysis Template 00:01:00
CASE STUDY EXERCISE: PESTEL Analysis of Starbucks 00:02:00
CASE STUDY SOLUTION: PESTEL Analysis of Starbucks 00:07:00
CASE STUDY EXERCISE: PESTEL Analysis of the Global Aviation Industry 00:07:00
CASE STUDY SOLUTION: PESTEL Analysis of the Global Aviation Industry 00:02:00
Section 06: Strategic Options arising Internal and External Analysis: SWOT, TOWS and SOAR
Strategic Options from Internal and External Analysis 00:16:00
SWOT Analysis 00:05:00
Conducting A SWOT Analysis 00:04:00
SWOT Analysis Template 00:02:00
TOWS Matrix Analysis 00:05:00
TOWS Analysis Template 00:14:00
SOAR 00:04:00
SOAR Analysis Template 00:01:00
CASE STUDY EXERCISE: SWOT Analysis – Amazon 00:02:00
Section 07: Michael Porter - Industry Analysis, Generic Strategies and Competitive Advantage
Michael Porter and Business Strategy Analysis 00:02:00
Industry Analysis and Introducing Michael Porter 00:10:00
Competitive Forces Model – Porter’s Five Forces 00:12:00
Full List of Porter’s Five Forces Factors 00:02:00
Michael Porter’s Five Forces Template 00:01:00
CASE STUDY SOLUTION: Porter’s Five Forces – Global Airline Industry 00:15:00
Generic Strategies and Industry Forces 00:10:00
Michael Porter’s Value Chain Analysis 00:07:00
Value Chain Analysis Template 00:02:00
Section 08: Strategic Prioritisation: Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Growth Share Matrix
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix 00:07:00
BCG Matrix and the Life Cycle 00:03:00
BCG Matrix Advantages and Disadvantages 00:03:00
Adapting the BCG Matrix 00:05:00
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix Template 00:03:00
CASE STUDY EXERCISE: BCG Matrix – Facebook 00:02:00
CASE STUDY SOLUTION: BCG Matrix – Facebook 00:04:00
CASE STUDY SOLUTION: BCG Matrix – Apple 00:04:00
CASE STUDY EXERCISE: BCG Matrix – Unilever 00:02:00
CASE STUDY SOLUTION: BCG Matrix – Unilever 00:05:00
Section 09: MBA Strategy: Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage – Deriving Strategy from Inside the Firm 00:03:00
Core Competency 00:05:00
VRIO – Resources to Competitive Advantage 00:06:00
CASE STUDY EXERCISE: Core Competency – Apple 00:02:00
CASE STUDY SOLUTION: Core Competency – Apple 00:05:00
Defining the Unique Selling Proposition 00:05:00
ADL Matrix – Understanding Your Competitive Position 00:07:00
ADL Matrix Template 00:02:00
Section 10: Strategy MBA: Growth Strategy Options
Ansoff Product Market Matrix – How to Grow Your Business 00:05:00
Organic vs Inorganic Growth 00:02:00
Internal and External Growth Strategies Expanded 00:11:00
CASE STUDY EXERCISE: Amazon’s Growth Strategy 00:02:00
CASE STUDY SOLUTION – Amazon’s Growth Strategy 00:06:00
Section 11: Strategic Responses to Mature and Declining Markets
Blue Ocean Strategy 00:05:00
Blue Ocean Case Study – Apple 00:05:00
Comparing Red Ocean and Blue Ocean Strategies 00:04:00
How to Survive in an Over Fished Ocean 00:05:00
Section 12: How to Create a Comparative Competitive Analysis on a Page
How to Create a Comparative Competitive Analysis on a Page 00:04:00
Section 13: Connecting MBA Strategy and Finance with Financial Modelling
Making the Connection between Strategy and Finance 00:04:00
What is an Integrated Financial Model? 00:06:00
Key Drivers of an Integrated Financial Model 00:08:00
Model Structure 00:03:00
Detailed Model Schedules 00:07:00
Chart of Accounts 00:02:00
Financial Statement Inputs and Outputs 00:03:00
10 Steps to Building an Integrated Financial Model 00:05:00
Section 14: Strategy MBA Implementation: Understanding the Strategic Planning Process
Summary of the Strategic Analysis Process 00:03:00
Understanding the Strategic Planning Process 00:06:00
Four Step Strategic Management Process 00:03:00
Strategy Formulation in Six Steps 00:07:00
Mintzberg’s Five Configurations 00:05:00
Section 15: Summary and Wrap Up
Course Summary and Wrap Up 00:05:00
Additional Resource
Additional Materials 00:00:00

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