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How up-to-date is your First Aid knowledge? Even if you’ve previously taken a course in workplace First Aid or similar, there’s no guarantee that your knowledge and skills will allow you to provide care that meets modern standards. Best practice is constantly being updated as scientific and medical knowledge advances. This means that it’s important to periodically re-do a First Aid qualification in order to ensure that you’re on board with new ways of working if necessary. Here we take a look at why so many people opt to take a new or refresher online First Aid course.

1. A First Aid qualification can make your CV stand out

First Aid is an important skill in any workplace. Having a relevant qualification can put your application for employment ahead of the rest, simply because you have a little more to offer than others.

2. First Aid can be used anywhere

In addition to the workplace, First Aid is also an invaluable life skill to have. You never know when it might be needed! Whether you’re first on the scene at an accident or are called on to help a friend or relative, having the right knowledge and the confidence to use it could really make a difference.

3. First Aid saves lives

There’s no doubt about it, knowing what to do in a medical emergency can literally save a life. If you’re the sort of person who likes to do good, First Aid is a fantastic skill to possess.

4. Do more with a First Aid qualification

It’s not just in the workplace that First Aid can be an asset. Many volunteer opportunities exist for First Aiders. If you want to broaden your horizons, or simply would value the chance to help community events, voluntary groups and similar run smoothly and safety, a First Aid course could make all the difference.

We offer a wide selection of First Aid qualifications, including courses which cover Paediatric First Aid. No matter what your current First Aid knowledge might be, one of our qualifications can provide you with additional or updated First Aid knowledge and skills.

August 19, 2020
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