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Why You Should Take Sports Massage Course?

If you’re looking for a great new skill which can provide the opportunity to earn some extra income, taking an online sports massage course could be ideal to meet your needs. Sports massage is a rapidly growing area and something which many people, ranging from elite athletes to recreational marathon runners and even office workers, regularly take advantage of to ease their aches and pains. As an in-demand skill, and one with increasing amounts of scientific research backing its benefits, learning to become a great sports masseuse can be a smart way to upskill and boost your bank account.


Here are three reasons why taking a sports massage course can be a great way to provide extra income:

The online course is flexible and once you’ve qualified as a self-employed Sports Massage Therapist, it’s completely up to you how you work. You can offer your services on an ad-hoc basis to fit around your work and social commitments, or you can dedicate several hours a day, or entire weekends to your new pursuit if you wish. Your place of work can also be flexible, with the option of renting space to use as a clinic, setting up in the spare room or traveling to your clients’ homes. As long as your choices suit your clients and allow you to make money, a side-line in sports massage can perfectly complement your lifestyle.

2) It Offers a Great Hourly Rate

As anyone who has had a sports massage – or any sort of massage or spa treatment – will testify, it’s not cheap. Sports Massage Therapists typically charge between £40-£60 per hour, fluctuating due to location, qualifications or even time of day. This means if you are able to dedicate an average of five hours a week to treating clients, you could earn up to £1,200 a month extra income. And depending on what path you decide to take in terms of renting a clinic or working from home or remotely, this could be with minimal outgoings too.

3) It Doesn’t Require a lot of Equipment

You’ll need to purchase a massage table and regular stocks of oil, but beyond that, your hands will prove your most valuable asset.

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November 3, 2020

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