How to Find the Best Estate Agent in the UK

It is somewhat difficult to find the best estate agent to represent your property. Are you wondering where should you start, what are the questions you need to ask and how you select the good from the greats? These all are your questions when you come to think about selling your property, right? 

Okay, this time I am giving you an easy-going guide which is to exclude some mystery and uncover some industry secrets. Once you’re gone through, you’ll know all you need to know to make the right decision. So let’s get started.

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What makes the Best Estate Agent?

best estate agent

By the way, do you want to sell your home on your own? You will be lost in this huge market if you don’t have any prior knowledge. However, in this context, a skilled real estate agent can help you with assuring the maximum value of your biggest asset. Their role is to deal with buyers to get the best possible price for your property.

Most importantly, good estate agents have the potential to maximise the value of any asset. But the point is when you come to decide who’s going to sell your home with the desired price, then choosing the right one can be puzzling.

When you are comparing estate agents, you need to look for some characteristics:


The most important one, I think. Try to find out the answers. Is the agent punctual, and are they polite? See for someone who is qualified. Do they study the background of your home, do they take notes and actions from the meeting with you, and do they listen carefully and not talk?


Best estate agent

It really matters, because how your agent appearances will eventually reflect on your property. I am not saying that your agent needs to be a supermodel, but at least you can expect your agent to make an effort to present himself well. It is one of the vital features for the estate agents to be likeable as s/he is the primary contact for any buyer interested in your asset. So you have to be concerned about this fact when choosing your best estate agent.


What do their clients say about the agent you are looking to deal with? Find out how many houses are they selling and most importantly, how much are they exchanging them for? Good real estate agents will regularly sell properties for best prices.

Estate Agent Diploma CPD Accredited
Real estate agents are experts in buying and selling property, as well as evaluating, operating, and leasing houses.
Estate Agent Diploma CPD Accredited
Real estate agents are experts in buying and selling property, as well as evaluating, operating, and leasing houses.


You have to understand what type of property you are going to sell. So, you need to think about your potential buyer and type of agent your property needs. Some properties are sold quickly, but sometimes property needs an expert estate agent who knows how to guide dealing forward. Besides, you need to be fit with whom you select. Selling your home is an intimate process, so you can expect the best output when you are comfortable with your estate agent.

Real Estate Agent's Code of Conduct

Best estate agent

If you are thinking of selling your house, I suggest everyone have a clear understanding of the estate agent’s code of conduct in the UK. It is worth having an idea of professional and client conduct so that it can protect you from any misleading. Above all, it is a framework that assures minimum standards for UK’s real estate agents. 

Most importantly, when you are looking for the best estate agent keep in mind to discuss the code of conduct of the UK and watch out for him if he doesn’t know or act otherwise then be serious about giving it a second thought before you select him. So you should follow the minimum standards.

Getting the right price

Now you should step closer to select best estate agent for your property. Break down your list into 3 agents and then ask them many questions, I mean it. Then ask them to give an appraisal on your property. This will help you to get the idea about the present market; as a result, it will have a broader perspective. 

When they submit the appraisal, you should check the appraisal carefully. Here is the checklist:

The Best way to marketing your property

Real estate agent

When you are done with picking your best estate agent, it is time to think about marketing your property. When you are comfortable with your agent, just ask him about the marketing plan, a good agent should suggest some effective ways, and importantly, he is expected to come up with different plans. He will propose to you some effective method to market your home. Moreover, there are more options you can follow for marketing. Let’s take a look:

Negotiation with an asking price

You can sell your property at a fixed price and this a great way to market. Because this method of sale is reliant on pricing the house accurately. This method may attract first-time vendors.

Negotiation without an asking price

If the price is expected to be determined by its vendors, then the value of the property measured by the estate agent and agreed with the seller then property marketed without a price. This attracts a large number of buyers and places the property in a good position that helps to sell at a higher price.


Best estate agent

It is another great way your agent may suggest you market your property for the best price. It is easy to take buyers into action. The bids are free, but they cannot change their minds after a call, as well as the seller, can not place a bid over the reserve price. Auction is traditional and very popular, but the thing is, it is not always the best option to sell any type of property.


It is used at the high end of the market because they usually offer a special level of discretion. Most importantly, you should keep in mind a tender is perfect for a more practiced buyer.

Questions to ask for choosing the best estate agent

best estate agent

When you are looking for the best estate agent for selling your property, ask them these questions as below:

Can I see your sales record?

Check out his history, success stories, sales reports and obviously don’t just focus on the sales volume.

How do you achieve the highest possible sale price every time?

Try to learn his sales methods. Just remember that a good agent can increase the price in the market.

How are you compensated to get the best price?

This is your chance to check what motivates your salesperson. You can clarify him easily.

How will you make this process comfortable?

Selling can be very stressful when you hire an agent, that means you need an easy process without hassle.

What makes you different?

It is the chance to articulate their value. Don’t just rely on words rather ask them for testimonials.

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Closing Note

In Conclusion, I want to say that selling a property is challenging and if you are the owner then you should prepare yourself first. Otherwise, you won’t get the right price even if you have your best estate agent.

Estate Agent Diploma CPD Accredited
Real estate agents are experts in buying and selling property, as well as evaluating, operating, and leasing houses.
Estate Agent Diploma CPD Accredited
Real estate agents are experts in buying and selling property, as well as evaluating, operating, and leasing houses.
June 22, 2022
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