The Most In-demand Skills You Need to Get Hired in 2024

Now, most job requirements no longer ask for a degree. There are certain skills you need- skills you need to get hired in 2024. Between 2017 and 2019, employers dropped the degree requirements for 46% of middle-skill jobs and 31% of high-skill jobs, as per studies from Harvard Business Review and Emsi Burning Glass

Nowadays, companies are making more precise soft-skills criteria in their job advertisements and verifying technical skills through certifications, assessments, and other methods. This evolution makes you think, “What Skills do you need to get hired in 2024?”

Won’t you love a job that pays well and gives you room to grow? 

The Most In-demand Skills You Need to Get Hired in 2024

We have checked the top jobs and reviewed the surveys that professionals filled out to learn more about their needs and used skills. Today, we’ll look at the top jobs and the skills you need to get hired in 2024.

You get to determine your perfect career and sort out what skill sets you need to get there with enough growth potential and a desirable wage. You’ll also receive valuable advice and helpful courses to make you stand out in the job market.

Here’s a list of the top 9 skills you need to get hired in 2024

Table of Contents

Data Science

Clive Humby, a British mathematician and the marketing genius behind Tesco, said, “Data is the new oil.” So people wonder what makes Google, Facebook, and Amazon so successful. There are two facts: first, they have a lot of data; and second, they have people who can look at the data and figure out what it means.

It’s hard to imagine what the job market would be like without data scientists. Every industry, including healthcare, finance, logistics, and e-commerce, needs them. Their job is to get statistics from one’s company or organisation, look at them, and process them to figure out what to do next. 


Data scientists add real value to your company with the information they find. They can also solve business problems because they are good at analysis and know how to code well. Data science is one of the most prominent skills you need to get hired in 2024 and beyond.

Today, there are no rules or limits to what you can learn or how you can get better at something. But data science has some requirements that must be met at least.

If you want to learn about data science, you should know: 

  • How to code.
  • A solid understanding of maths and statistics.
  • Understanding business problems and situations in general.

Data Science Online Course
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Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning, artificial neural networks, machine learning techniques, and systems that learn from mistakes have all become trendy terms. So, if data is the new oil, “AI is the new electricity,” as per computer scientist Dr Andrew Ng.

Because as the amount of data keeps growing, AI is finding more and more ways to help people. AI is no longer a side topic but is becoming increasingly significant as a way to solve problems. 

For example, Amazon, the biggest online store in the world, uses AI mostly to predict what people want to buy. Algorithms that use machine learning can estimate how many products will be needed. This cuts down on storage costs and, in turn, costs the customer. 

But that’s not all. Face-recognition software, self-driving cars, and even surgical robots are all possible thanks to AI, and new application fields are constantly opening up. AI experts need to know a lot about software design, statistics, programming, and engineering, among other things.

UX Design

UX designers are in high demand because more and more websites and apps are being created. Companies try to get our attention these days by making products we want to spend too much time with and use often. 

UX professional developers work with people from other fields to focus on the user. They develop solutions and virtual services that make people’s lives easier and more convenient. People also need to trust and understand how to use these services immediately.

A UX designer’s prime goal is to determine how individuals use and interact with a product. Again, when the research is completed, it’s time to make prototypes that people can use and test with potential users. This testing process helps them figure out how to give users the best possible experience.

UX designers need to know much about user research, prototypes, and information architecture. An excellent UX designer should also be able to put themselves in the user’s place to understand the challenges and develop a good solution. The result could be a great user experience if they do this.

If you also aspire to be an excellent UX designer – Enrol in Level 2 Certificate in UX Design Now.

Web Development

Web development is what makes online content and web apps possible. Web developers create and build web applications and software solutions that run on the web. As today, tech companies are the most valuable, and they had such a massive effect on our economy and society. Even though we are becoming reliant on the internet, this does not mean there will be less need for web developers.

Besides planning the design and architecture of a website, they also take care of developing it further, keeping it up to date, and improving it over time. Front-end development means working on the client side, and back-end development means working on the server side. But full-stack developers are at home on both sides. 

You should know how to code in languages like PythonJavaScript, and SQL and have a solid understanding of HTML & CSS for responsive design. 

You can choose your preferred Web Development courses from John Academy. We have courses for beginners to advanced-level learners. You can pick yours now.

Web Development Basics
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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an emerging and interesting field that has the potential to change a lot about how people work online. Cloud computing lets businesses of all sizes use remote servers and cloud services instead of setting up and maintaining their own physical IT facilities. 

As more and more businesses try to bring their operations up to date, cloud computing technologies will be used more and more. And because of this, there’ll be a growing demand for professionals in cloud computing.

How do you get started with cloud computing?

Well, there isn’t one skill you should learn. There is more than one career to choose from in these fields, and most of them use skills like website development or network security. These are the three main kinds of cloud services:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud engineers are in charge of everything technical, like setting up and designing the user interface. They are also in charge of planning, managing, and keeping the cloud infrastructure in fine condition.

Learn about these three things if you want to get into cloud computing:

  • Web Services & APIs
  • IT & Data Security
  • Data Migration

Blockchain Programming

Even though blockchain technology is still new, it’s become a multi-billion dollar industry. Statista says that by 2024, the world will spend $19 billion on blockchain solutions. This is partly because it can be used to make and manage cryptocurrencies. As more and more ways are figured out to use blockchain technology, there will be a lot of jobs for people who know how to use it in 2024 and beyond. 

The technology behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is termed a blockchain. Simply defined, a blockchain is a way to store information in a way that isn’t controlled by one person or group. 

The key benefit of blockchain technology is that the information it stores can’t be changed and is very protected. Because it provides maximum privacy, it’s a highly enticing technology utilised in healthcare, banking, and government. And because the amount of data is growing all the time, the blockchain offers a way to store and keep data private. Safeguard your digital assets by exploring reviews and recommendations to find the best hardware wallet for secure storage and enhanced data privacy.

To work in the world of blockchain and develop the skills you need to get hired in 2024, you need to gain knowledge about data structures, cryptography, smart contracts, and, of course, blockchain.

Remote Communication & Collaboration

The pandemic showed us that remote work requires your teams to learn. Your company might let you work from home, which might be the only way to do business. When your team isn’t all in the same place and even in different time zones, it’s hard to work together and talk to each other. If it’s not taken care of, the whole workflow breaks down, it’s harder to build trust, and the team’s morale goes down the drain. 

But when this skill is mastered, it helps your team work with others quickly and effectively, no matter where they are. 

To improve your teams’ ability to communicate and work together from far away, they need all the right tools and infrastructure (e.g. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet). Setting up a daily meeting where everyone on the team can see each other and discuss how the project is going can also be helpful.

Data & IT Security

Our world would have been different without the internet and other technological advances. Although these innovations are very helpful, it would be foolish to ignore the risks they come with. To be secure in the digital age, you must understand how to defend yourself and your business against cyberattacks. And cybercrime is no longer a minor issue because it often has very costly outcomes.

If you want to get into this field, you should learn about different security threats, such as malware, phishing, and Internet of Things (IoT) attacks. Even if people are aware of this subject, it is usually not enough. Also, you should know how to keep cyberattacks from happening.

Innovation Management

Emerging technologies, especially in the digital world, are improving quickly in the 21st century. As digitalisation continues, our personal and professional lives are moving faster than ever. So, companies and their workers need to keep up with new technologies, software, and ways to learn more than ever before. 

Innovation management is the most critical tool for businesses to use today if they want to stay competitive and successful in markets that change quickly.

When you, as a manager, encourage innovation in your company, your teams can find market opportunities, cut costs that aren’t necessary, be more flexible, and make significant improvements to your R&D projects. 

Methods for innovation like Product Discovery, Design Thinking, Design Sprints, and Lean Venture can help your company make, deliver, and capture real value.

Level 3 Diploma in Creative Thinking and Innovation
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Why Is It Important to Develop New Skills?

Learning new skills can be very handy for your career because it can put you in a position to take on new projects and use what you’ve learned to move up. 

Employers may appreciate your eagerness to learn since it reflects your dedication to your career and company. Getting new skill sets can also lead you to jobs you might not have thought of before. If you learn more about customer service, you may be better equipped for sales, advertising, and other occupations. 

The world is ever-changing. Businesses and individuals can get left behind if they do not adapt, so it’s necessary to learn new skills often to stay ahead.

Final thoughts

The use of data in customer service, marketing, employee development, and other tasks is increasing, so industries need professionals who know how to use it. Accept these adjustments now to remain ahead of the competition tomorrow, and make sure to develop the skills you need to get hired.

As you’ve noticed, many of the skills on this list are related to technology and coding. That’s not surprising since we’re about to start a new decade in which digital change will only get more outstanding. 

In a world that changes quickly, skill gaps can grow much more prominent and faster than ever. Professionals say that online learning is the best way to close these gaps as quickly and effectively as possible.You can check out John Academy and get access to top online courses from the best industry experts.

January 30, 2024
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