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How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in the UK

Looking for a promising health care profession in the UK? A Pharmacy Technician’s job could be what you are looking for. Though challenging, the job of a Pharmacy Technician bears many opportunities. So the first step towards this new possibility is learning How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in the UK.

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Who Is A Pharmacy Technician? 

Before getting to know how to become a pharmacy technician, let us first get a brief idea of who they are. You must have encountered Pharmacy Technicians before over prescriptions at pharmacies. A Pharmacy technician is a valuable addition to any pharmaceutical specialist’s team. In general, they act as the bridge between pharmacists and consumers.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians receive their training in specific programs. But they learn more from the Pharmacists at work. And Pharmacy technicians play important roles in assisting patients. They also contribute to making the most of their patients’ medications. Pharmacy Technicians also usually have a sound grasp of all the fields of pharmacy. For example – medicines procurement, production, planning, delivery and final inspection. They also play a role in medicines evaluation and medicines administration.

Additionally, Pharmacy Technicians help in calling physicians’ offices to confirm dosing orders.

Responsibilities of Pharmacy Technicians

The responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician can be diverse in types. Thus, the job descriptions will often vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

Generally, as a Pharmacy Technician, you are likely to work closely with Pharmacists. So your job will include careful drafting of prescriptions and checking medicines. In addition, offering medical advice, taking calls, etc., might be some other regular tasks. 

Responsibilities of Pharmacy Technicians

Besides these, Pharmacy Technicians also take care of related insurance and legal affairs.

Here is a compilation of the different types of tasks that Pharmacy Technicians do –

  • Stocking, assembling and distributing medications to support pharmacological services.
  • Helping healthcare providers and patients. For example- welcoming patients in person, maintaining communication, and addressing questions and queries.
  • Tracking prescription stock and refilling inventory accordingly. Additionally, Forecasting required prescriptions and supplies. Placing and speeding up orders, confirming delivery, and eliminating expired products. These are all part of maintaining pharmacy inventory.
  • Follows policies, laws, and regulations to keep the pharmacy safe and clean.
  • Follows infection control procedures and guidelines to protect patients and staff.
  • Reads drug orders and prescriptions, prepare stickers, calculates numbers. They also assemble intravenous solutions and other pharmaceutical treatments for pharmacists to dispense.
  • Keeps track of orders and prescriptions from doctors by documenting and filing them.
  • Generates revenues by calculating, recording, and issuing charges.
  • Deliver drugs to patients and departments to ensure prescription availability.
  • Collects and summarises information to create records.
  • As required, contributes to the team effort by completing relevant outcomes.

How To Become a Pharmacy Technician in The UK?

We have now developed a better understanding of who pharmacy technicians are.  Also, about their responsibilities. Therefore, it is time to know how to become a pharmacy technician. So, pharmacy technicians work under the supervision, direction, or guidance of a pharmacist. Therefore, they are crucial to the pharmacy team.Pharmacy Technician in The UK

However, pharmacy technicians typically have to get a post-secondary education. But, by that time, they can get their responsibilities through on-the-job training.

Additionally, they can enrol in a pharmacy technology program at an accredited school. Eventually, most states have laws that enable Pharmacy Technicians to pass an assessment.  

On the other hand, they can complete a standardised education or training program. There are three ways you can enter the job of a pharmacy technician. These are:

1. A college course

2. An apprenticeship

3. A trainee position

However, you still need a level of educational other qualifications to get a job as a pharmacy technician.

1. Obtain a High School Certificate or An Equivalent Qualification 

Effective Pharmacy Technicians typically have good physics, chemistry, genetics, and physiology backgrounds. Furthermore, any student may opt to volunteer at a hospital or a healthcare centre. The purpose is to gain experience in the profession. Before that, a high school certificate is necessary to be qualified.

In high school qualification, your employers likely want to see 4 or 5 GCSEs with grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent. The subject must also include English and maths for an advanced apprenticeship role as a pharmacy technician.

2. Completing Post-Secondary Education Programs In Pharmacy Technology

Typically, these classes are provided through technical schools or community colleges. After a year or so, most programs grant a diploma, but some programs continue longer and progress to an associate’s degree.

Likewise, they cover various topics. For example, pharmaceutical arithmetic, record-keeping, drug dispensing methods, and pharmacy law and ethics.

Post-Secondary Education Programs In Pharmacy Technology

Moreover, the technicians often learn doses and medication terms. Equally, clinical internship options are available in most programs. These programs allow students to obtain hands-on experience in a pharmacy.

So, after completing post-secondary degrees in pharmacy science, some Pharmacy Technicians join the profession. Typically, technical schools or community colleges deliver this education.

After a year or so, most programs grant a diploma. While some programs continue longer and progress to an associate’s degree. They cover a wide range of topics. Topics like pharmacy arithmetic, record-keeping, drug dispensing methods, and pharmacy law and ethics.

3. Other Entry Requirement for Pharmacy Technician

You can also become a pharmacy technician without pursuing a college degree. For this, you can apply for a trainee pharmacy technician position and get trained in the job. 

Employers will see your high school qualification as mentioned above. Your subject must include English, Maths and Science. You will also need a Level 2 Diploma in Applied Science, or equivalent qualifications.

You will also need to enrol on a training program. Make sure your training programme is also preparing you for the Certification exam for Pharmacy Technician

In order to become a pharmacy technician in you will need to complete an accredited course on it. You will also have to register under General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). You will need qualification through the completing Pharmacy Tech Diploma for apprenticeship and registering under GPhC.

Therefore, enrol in an accredited pharmacy technician program. It will help you to prepare you for becoming a certification exam for pharmacy technician which you will need to advance in your career. Here is the advantage of an online course on pharmacy technician:

1. It will allow you to keep your current job and study on track.

2. You will be able to know the drugs, dispensing medication, determining correct dosages, and necessary things that you must know to become a pharmacy technician.

3. Courses also teach the skills like customer service skills, record-keeping skills, and ethics that are necessary for pharmacy technicians.

Pharmacy Tech Diploma
This industry is a growing industry with many career opportunities. With prescription drugs being in such high demand.
Pharmacy Tech Diploma
This industry is a growing industry with many career opportunities. With prescription drugs being in such high demand.

What Are The Qualities Of An Excellent Pharmacy Technician?

Being a great Pharmacy Technician needs a good balance of soft and technical skills. Here is a pick of the top important qualities you could target to achieve.

Qualities Of An Excellent Pharmacy Technician

1. Customer Care

As Pharmacy Technicians spend so much of their time dealing with clients, they must be helpful and courteous in a retail environment.

2. Concentrated On The Intricate Details

Filling prescriptions incorrectly will lead to serious health issues. Likewise, a pharmacist technician should maintain any drugs dispensed. They must pay close attention to detail in order to prevent complications.

3. Communication Skill

When taking medication orders, Pharmacy Technicians must interact clearly with pharmacists and physicians. Technicians must listen carefully when speaking with customers to understand their needs. After that, they will determine whether they need to talk to a pharmacist.

4. Mathematical Knowledge 

When measuring tablets and compounding prescriptions, Pharmacy Technicians would consider the maths principles. These principles are used in pharmacies.

5. Organisational Abilities

As a pharmacy technician, you will need to manage a lot of duties. You must have strong management skills to complete the tasks performed by pharmacists. Because they need to deliver services to clients or patients fast.

Moreover, older patients typically use more prescription drugs than younger people. The increased prevalence of chronic disorders such as diabetes in all age ranges will also rise. In addition, many generic drugs will be available as a result of advances in pharmacy science. Ultimately, the need for a pharmacy technician is increasing.

6. Mathematically Proficient

Most Pharmacy Technology programs incorporate a Maths course. Maths will prove to be useful when the drug store expert is filling solutions and estimating drugs. A drug store expert will likewise utilise school maths.

Also, that’s particularly needed for requesting, loading, bundling solutions and over-the-counter meds. Mathematical abilities are also needed for performing stock control and keeping up with records.

7. Problem-Solving

From reading prescriptions to finding the correct drugs, a pharmacy technician should have the ability to tackle any issue that may emerge. A customer may visit a drug store with the sole purpose of just getting a piece of good advice from the pharmacy technician.

Thus, they should have the right skills to solve all the problems. It can be regarding helping them find any medicines prescribed or even issues with billing.

How Much Does A Pharmacy Technician Make?

According to reed.co.uk the average salary of a pharmacy technician in the UK is £31,078 per year. Though, the salary for this job varies depending on the year of experience.

Likewise, an entry-level technician with less experience should expect an estimated annual salary of £19,000. But, a Pharmacy Technician in their mid-career receives an average of £23,800. While a Senior Pharmacy Technician with 10-20 years of experience earns an average of £32,250.

On average, Pharmacy Technicians with more than 20 years of experience make £35,800.


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Pharmacy Tech Diploma
This industry is a growing industry with many career opportunities. With prescription drugs being in such high demand.
Pharmacy Tech Diploma
This industry is a growing industry with many career opportunities. With prescription drugs being in such high demand.


There is a huge demand for qualified and accredited pharmacy technicians. They have moved on towards increasing observation. Thus, it is a very promising career field and this article focuses on all the key points on how to become a pharmacy technician. 

Moreover, Pharmacy Technicians are playing a vital role in managing the patient. They help people understand the essential medicine assigned for a specific disease. For this, you can take a Pharmacy Tech Diploma. This course will guide you to be a professional Pharmacy Technician.

June 28, 2022

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