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Learning British Sign Language to Build an Inclusive Workplaces

If you own or run a company – or you work in HR or customer service – then developing skills in British Sign Language could be more than just a highly important ‘gesture’.

Did you know that in the UK, there are 11 million people with a hearing deficit of some sort? It’s the second most common cause of disability, and it’s likely that your colleagues, customers, suppliers and potential talent pool include people with significant hearing loss.

Why Companies Need Sign Language Skills

If you’re an owner-manager or executive, the reasons to make sure that your workforce is authentically inclusive and diverse go far beyond legislation and ethics. These days, it’s commercially imperative to practice the principles of equality, but to also be able to demonstrate that in a tangible way.

Having learnt sign language yourself – or if you have encouraged members of staff do online courses on the topic – you add an important communications advantage to your organisation. You can show that your recruitment activities welcome applications from people with hearing difficulties.

Also, if you have staff with auditory deficits, being able to converse with them in sign language builds their contribution and engagement. In fact, it can make your whole team feel more bonded too, if everyone can join in discussions!

It’s the sort of thing that builds inclusive company cultures, to underpin staff loyalty and motivation across your whole workforce.

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Working in HR and Communication Skills

If you have a role in personnel departments – or aspire to be a HR professional – sign language skills can invaluable.

If you have a staff member with hearing difficulties, being able to clearly communicate could be the only way to protect safety, confidentiality and dignity, especially in pressure situations.

Customer Service that Recognises Diversity

If you have a job in any career that involves interacting with the public or you supervise teams of customer-facing staff, then you too have a vested interest in learning British Sign Language.

Progressing through the different levels of this online course with certificates makes you better able to communicate with customers of all ages with hearing loss.

It can also show your employer that you mean business when it comes to providing the very best in engagement and liaison.

August 19, 2020

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