Advantages of Book Video Trailers: Why You Should Consider Them?

Lights, camera, storytelling. It’s time for you to bring your book to motion picture life with professional book trailer services. So, now that you’re done self-publishing your page-turner story, it’s time to sprinkle in some book video trailer magic as you market it to the world. 

As a newbie to the writing game or even as an authorial pro, it can get quite tricky to get your story the attention it deserves. And with the world traversing further and further into the digital realm with every passing day, it’s time to hop on the technology wave with all things book marketing, too.

With technology soaring to new heights every day, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, too. So, a wordy and long blog post or article might not always be the best way to draw new readers in, especially if you’re advancing into new and foreign markets. This is where you need to switch things up.

Now, it’s time to get creative and shake things up. Break away from the traditional book marketing ways and surf the new digital wave by taking your book’s experience from the script to the screen with the best book video trailers out there, courtesy of professional book trailer services.

Why Go for Book Video Trailers to Market Your Book?

Numbers Speak Volumes

Let’s give you the sweet and simple answer: the numbers say it all. 

Alright, let’s give you a better idea of what we mean. Here are a few statistics to help you catch on:

93% of the companies are reported to bring in new customers through social media videos.

More than 53% of marketers are of the belief that video is the most valuable content type in the market today.

66% of consumers have reported that short-form video is perhaps the most engaging type of social media content. This is the highest statistic.

Upwards of 1.2 billion users are attracted by Facebook Watch alone.

Instagram’s reels reach is about a tremendous 892%. 

70% of users have reported that YouTube leads to them being more aware of new brands and products.

More than 500 hours of video are estimated to be uploaded to YouTube daily.

Get Your Ideas Across in Seconds

Now that we’re talking about videos, let’s get down to the facts. 

Videos that are up to two minutes long receive the highest level of engagement.

The standard duration of book trailers usually ranges from 30-90 seconds.

And there you have it, folks. There’s the answer to how long you have to spark the interest of your readers and keep them hooked. So, if you’re going to put your book video trailers on the Internet, make sure you leave a lasting first impression with a trailer that knocks them out of the park. 

By giving your readers the best book video trailers, you’re elevating their reading experience tenfold and connecting them to your story on a whole new level.

Nothing beats the video experience.

Give Your Readers A Peek into Your Story Visually

A good book video trailer helps the audience see your story for more than it may seem at first glance. It brings the entire landscape of your story to visual life. From giving your characters a face to decorating the surroundings with scenic aesthetics and dynamic background music to amplify the depths and emotions of your scene, a book video trailer is the perfect way to capture your readers in a visually immersive experience. 

A good book video trailer also sets you apart from other authors and gives the reader the impression that you have a story worth telling and a message that deserves to be shared. This is also a great way to start conversations and get the audience buzzing and talking about your book. It’s a perfect means for building the hype and anticipation to the max.

Increase social engagement

A good book video trailer is key in getting you the engagement you need since it’s perfect for drawing readers in and keeping them hooked. Also, it encourages your readers and views to share it as well, which only boosts your levels higher than before.

It’s also been proven that author websites that incorporate book video trailers onto their pages get readers to stay on the website for an average of two more minutes than those websites with no book video trailers. 

When it comes to book video trailers placed on landing pages, there is reported to be an increase in conversion rates by more than 80%, which is rather significant. So, essentially, all of this supports the statistic that videos drive up organic traffic by 157% and get you the engagement you’ve dreamed of. 

Expanding Audiences

Now, this is a good one. The world of video has countless lovers all over the world. And often, with the help of book video trailers, you’re able to access newer audiences, more specifically, those outside of your genre, niche, or even non-book readers. And so, with greater exposure comes more sales. And that is why it’s important to partner with professional book trailer services to get the best book video trailers.

By sharing your book video trailer across your platforms, be it social media or author websites, you’re giving the world not just access but a taste of what’s in store. 

Making Meaningful Connections with Your Audience

You’d be surprised at just how much of an impact a good book video trailer has. In fact, the connection it forges between your story and the audience is often the key reason why they tend to prefer your book over another while in a dilemma. 

With good book trailers, you end up fostering deep connections with your audiences that draw them further towards your story and the rest of your work, too. This is because the trailer ends up sending a message that simple words from underneath the cover couldn’t: a visual of the wonderous, complex, and dynamic world that awaits.

Well then, there you have it, folks. If this doesn’t convince you to drop everything and look for professional book services to skyrocket your story into the spotlight, we don’t know what will. It’s high time we embrace the digital world and reap all the possible benefits it details.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for some trailblazing book video trailers. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is included in a book trailer?

A book trailer tells the reader all about when the book is being released and where to buy and pre-order it, coupled with a sneak peek of the story.

What are the 4 elements of a book trailer?

The 4 elements are the hook, short summary, reason to read, and cliffhanger.

Where can I promote my book trailer?

You can promote your book trailer across social media, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and also on your author’s website if you have one.

What are the benefits of book trailers?

Good book trailers have a lot of benefits. They are very consumable and sharable across social media platforms. They also make lasting impressions on your audiences and grab their attention more than text and images do.

September 30, 2023
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