Combat the cost of living with these additional online income opportunities

The cost of living has made things difficult for a lot of people. It is a tough time for everyone, and with that comes pressure to find extra income to pay the bills. One way in which you can do so is to look for online job opportunities, whether full-time or part-time, with roles such as online transcription jobs, data entry roles, proofreader, tutor allowing you to pick up some money working remotely from your home.

Benefits of working from home

There are a few benefits to working from home, especially in this current climate where we are all struggling with the cost of living. Some of the benefits of looking for additional online income opportunities to work from home include:

Flexible working

One of the biggest benefits to working from home through utilising an online income opportunity is that you are more likely to have the chance to work flexibly. If you have small children this could make the difference in being able to take them to school and pick them up, without it interfering with your work. If you work better later in the day, you can work the hours that suit you best and where you are most effective.

More time for you

Having more time to yourself is much better for your work and life balance. Instead of the time it takes to get to and from work each day, this can be used to relax, to spend time on your own in the morning in a more relaxed fashion before you start work, or as mentioned above, to do things you need to as a parent.

Lower costs

By working from home, you don’t have to worry about the cost of public transport or fuel costs that can take up a big chunk of your income each month. On top of the travel itself, you also forget about things like buying lunch, sometimes having that cup of coffee when you’re on your way to work or during a break. These are all costs that can add up but are not a problem when working from home.

3 of the best online income opportunities

Let’s take a look at some of the best online jobs to help you combat the cost of living:

Transcription jobs

Legal transcription specialist roles, transcription for medical services, and other types of transcription roles provide a great way to work from home. As a transcriptionist you do not require previous experience, all you need is to be fast and accurate at typing and have good headphones. The job of an online transcriptionist is to take an audio or video file and turn it into a text file. This could be the job of transcribing media, speeches, interviews, TV shows, police statements, witness statements, or audio files from a legal professional, to name just a few transcriptionist tasks. Rates for transcription projects generally average between 70p to £3 per minute of audio recording transcribed, depending on the experience, quality, and type of work required.

Virtual assistant

One of the most popular remote employment opportunities, a virtual assistant role requires little to no previous experience, as there is often training provided by the employer. The responsibilities include administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings and appointments, planning events, making phone calls and communicating with suppliers etc. Data entry is a skill in this role, as there will most likely be spreadsheets to keep track of. To be a good virtual assistant you need to have great attention to detail, be good at organising and multi-tasking, and be confident speaking to others. Virtual assistants earn on average around £15 per hour.

 Online tutor

In recent years there has been an increase in teachers either moving away from full-time teaching and looking for tutoring jobs, or those who are looking to help children with part-time online tutoring. There is always a demand for such services, and if you are a teacher looking to pick up some extra work, or you are a specialist in any area of business, art, sport, or anything else and wish to pass on your skills, you could find that becoming a tutor is for you. Tutoring roles could be designed to help with revision and coursework, or to provide a general understanding and solid foundation of a topic. It changes from student to student. Tutors generally earn anywhere between £15 to £40 per hour depending on skill level and experience.

Making some extra income on the side from home, or looking for online opportunities as a full-time endeavour, could be the best way for you to combat the cost of living crisis. There are some great opportunities out there for you, such as legal transcriptionist roles, tutoring, and becoming a virtual assistant.

November 3, 2023
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