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Top Result-Driven Print Marketing Products For Businesses

When it comes to business promotion, you get two significant options: digital media and print media. Both are excellent options for business promotion. They are powerful enough to grab people’s attention, make a long-lasting impression on them, and influence their decision-making in favor of businesses. And that’s all an advertising and business promotion campaign requires. 

Many people think that print media is dead. However, this is not true. Print media is alive, and in fact, it is continuously growing with the effect of many excellent print marketing products. Additionally, the experts expect print media to reach new heights in the upcoming years and decades. 

Keeping these things in mind, it would not be wrong to say that investing in print media is an excellent option for the growth of businesses. Yes, digital media is also a good option, but it cannot match the value and significance of modern print media. 

So, if you want to let your business reach new heights this year, invest in print media. There are many excellent print marketing products you can invest in for your business promotion, such as:

  • Small Format Print Marketing Products
  • Large Format Print Marketing Products 
  • Display Products 
  • Tags, Labels, and Stickers, etc.

If you don’t know much about these print marketing products, this comprehensive guide may help you know them better. 

In this blog, we have put together top result-driven print marketing products that help businesses successfully run their marketing campaigns and achieve their goals. Check them out below!

Small Format Print Marketing Products 

Small format print marketing products are small in size and can be readily distributed individually. Businesses use these products every day to communicate with their clients and customers passively. We can also call them personalized print marketing products because they provide personalized experiences to the people.

Some of the most effective small format print marketing products are:


Letterheads are a header part of a letterhead paper that consists of:

  • Brand name
  • Brand logo
  • Slogan or punch line
  • Company registered address
  • Contact details (phone number, email address, and fax number)
  • Website and social media accounts details 
  • Corporate designs
  • Background pattern

Some of these elements (like brand name, brand logo, slogan, company address, and contact details) are mandatory to feature in letterheads. Others like website URL, social media account details, and background pattern are optional. You can feature them at the footer if you don’t want to put too much content in the header of your letterhead paper. 

A letterhead or a letterhead paper is simply a document primarily used for official purposes. It consists of a header, body part, and sometimes a footer as well. The header and footer part consists of the company details (as explained above). And the body part contains the message or information a company wants to convey to the receiver.  

Businesses use letterheads mainly for:

  • Business to business communication 
  • Internal communication 
  • Sending important notices to individuals, organizations, and communities 
  • Appointment letters, job letters, cover letters, experience letters
  • Invitation letters 
  • Legal purposes

However, these are not the only possible uses of letterheads. They are also effectively used for marketing and branding purposes. 

They leave a significant impact on the minds of people and engage them with the message a company wants to convey. And in this way, they contribute to the growth of a business. 

Additionally, letterheads are cost-effective. You have to mainly spend on letterhead designing because the letterhead printing cost is very less. 

Business Cards 

These days, many people do not consider business cards as an effective medium of professional communication due to the dominance of digital media. They consider business cards as traditional and outdated means of business communication. However, it is not like that. 

Business cards are still a powerful and effective medium of business communication. Though they faced ignorance in recent times due to the emergence of digital media, they didn’t lose their value and importance in the market. They are still considered as a meaningful way of inviting and connecting to people worldwide. 

Business cards give some important information about a company that helps people connect to the company whenever they require the company’s products or services. They are result-driven print marketing products and always contribute to the businesses significantly. 

Typically, a standard business card consists of:

  • Company name or giver’s name 
  • Company logo or sign
  • A photograph of the company’s head or giver (optional)
  • Legally registered company address
  • Contact details
  • Website and social media accounts details (optional)
  • A brief overview of the products or services (optional)

Apart from letterheads and business cards, other top result-driven small format print marketing products are:

  • Leaflets
  • Flyers (open and folded)
  • Booklets 
  • Brochures
  • Compliment slips 
  • Presentation folders 
  • Small posters 
  • Envelops 
  • Rear window hangers 
  • Shelf wobblers 

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Large Format Print Marketing Products 

Large format print marketing products are bigger and better for marketing purposes. You can place them in public places, vehicles and use them as a token of appreciation during events and competitions. 

Some of the top result-driven large format print marketing products are: 

Waterproof Posters

As the name suggests, waterproof posters are resistant to water. They don’t get damaged due to weather conditions because they consist of polypropylene film. So, you can use them both indoors and outdoor places.  

They are the perfect alternative to traditional laminated posters and more effective. You can use waterproof posters for effectively advertising and marketing your products or services. 

Some of the significant advantages of waterproof posters are:

  • Clearly visible to people 
  • Can contain a lot of content, including text, pictures, graphics, colors, and designs
  • Look pleasant to the eyes
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Result-driven
  • Reusable 
  • Can be easily cleaned with wiping pads 

Backlit Lightbox Posters 

Backlit lightbox posters are vibrant print marketing products. They are printed on a translucent film and installed in a lightbox at public places, such as bus stands, marketplaces, shopping malls, etc. 

The translucent film in backlit lightbox posters lets the light passes through the poster from behind, making the poster more exciting and appealing. These posters shine and speak the message louder that leaves a strong impact on the minds of several individuals. 

People easily get attracted to these posters. And the people who get attracted to them are most likely to approach the advertiser in the future. 

Comparatively, they are more powerful and impressive than other large format print marketing tools. So, investing in these posters is a great way of marketing and business promotion. 

Apart from waterproof posters and backlit lightbox posters, other top result-driven large format print marketing products are:

  • Large posters
  • Rigid media PVC banners 
  • Canvas prints
  • Magnetic signage
  • Forecourt over bags
  • Presentation cheques 
  • Fabric posters
  • Selfie frames 
  • Roller banners, etc. 

Display Products 

Display products are perfect to be used in exhibitions, events, and functions. They are specially designed for branding purposes. 

Some of the most popularly used display products are: 

Roll-Up Banners

Roll-Up banners are also known as roller banners. They are comparatively larger in size and capable of being rolled like a roll. Primarily, they are used in trade shows, exhibitions, and some events. 

They effectively grab people’s attention, even from a distance, and are capable of producing great results. The best thing about them is they are easy-to-use. To place them, you just need to open the roller, attach the aluminum base and back stand to the roller, and then place them where you want to place them. 

Using roll-up banners, you can effectively deliver your message to your audiences and influence them to buy your products and services. So, it would be a great option to invest in them.

Fabric Media Walls

You must have seen sponsor walls (a wall screen with sponsors logos and brand names) in most sporting events, press conferences, media events. These are used for branding purposes. They are also popularly known with the names like fabric media walls, wall screens, and backdrops. 

They contain only a brand logo, brand name, and slogan and are focused on building brand recognition and credibility. You can also effectively use these print marketing products for your business promotion. 

Apart from roller banner printing and fabric media walls, you can also invest in the following display products.


  • Feather flags 
  • Counter displays
  • Shelf edge strips
  • Branded sampling counter 

Tags, Labels, and Stickers 

Tags, labels, and stickers are some of the most effective ways of marketing and branding. Tags only contain brand names and logos and are primarily used for branding, while labels are used for providing important information about a product. 

A product label typically contains:

  • Product name 
  • Products visuals
  • Brand name & logo
  • Punch line 
  • Product description 
  • Usage methods 
  • MFD and EXP
  • Safety precautions, etc.

If we talk about stickers, businesses use them within their premises and in events and functions to make their brands more appealing to the audiences. You can also use them to promote your business at events, exhibitions, and trade shows and make your brand stand out in the market. 

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All the print marketing products we have covered in this comprehensive blog are perfect for advertising, marketing, and promoting your brand, products, and services. It would be beneficial for your business to invest in them.

We may miss a few of the print marketing products; you can learn about them by consulting a brand designing agency or printing company.

April 7, 2021

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