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How to Become a Cake Decorator: An Exclusive Beginners’ Guide

Cake decorating is a very popular hobby today. Nowadays, people don’t hesitate to spend a small fortune on cakes for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, christenings, and more. Therefore, people are turning their hobbies into a lucrative business. In this article, I will describe you how to become a cake decorator.

For people who enjoy baking cakes and other pastries and want to make some extra cash, cake decorating may be the route to choose. On the other hand, people who want to learn it as a hobby or just to keep themselves busy. Which one is your reason behind learning how to decorate a cake?

What Do Cake Decorators Do?

Anyone can bake a cake when it comes to present it to the other people you need to decorate it. A cake decorator is a person who works in a normal cake and transforms it into a piece of art. They use their skills to beautify the cakes for birthdays, special occasions, and weddings.

They also decorate other pastries. To decorate pastries, they often use a variety of techniques and equipment.

How to Become a Cake Decorator

Most of the cake decorators commonly work in retail shops, providing excellent customer service to clients, whether they are buying a customized design, or buying pre-made items. So, to be a cake decorator you need to know:

You can learn all these skills through a culinary arts pastry program or by directly participating in job training. You also need to provide good customer service skills and a professional manner. 

Cake baking equipment for beginner

A professional cake decorator requires a lot of tools to make his/her work easier and also make their workplace neat and clean. Since you are a beginner, you don’t need all the equipment for decorating a cake. 

To become a a cake decorator professional, the basic equipment you need is-

You can learn more about the cake baking equipment and their uses from online sources.

How to Bake a Cake as a professional cake decorator

The first thing you need to do is choose a recipe before we can get to the steps to make a cake. The cake you want to bake depends on your choice. The possibilities are almost endless, you can keep it simple or a slightly showier recipe, like chocolate cake.  Since you are a beginner, you should avoid angel food, pound cakes, sponge cakes, and chiffon cakes because they require a different method and are quite intimidating. If you don’t have any recipe to work on, follow the given chocolate cake recipe.

How to Make Frosting

Chocolate Cake| Chocolate sponge cake| Basic cake recipe tutorial for you: Click here

Instructions to bake a cake

Step 1: Collect the ingredients

Step 2: Prepare baking pans and preheat the ovens

I believe no one wants their cake to stick to the pan after baking it. So, you should prepare your pan before pouring the batter into it.

You can use a round standard cake pan, a square baking dish, a loaf pan, a bundt cake pan, or whatever you have on hand.
Grease it adequately with butter or margarine. Then, add a thin even layer of flour on the pan bottom.
Preheat the oven to 350°F (177°c) at least for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Mix the wet ingredients

The wet ingredients in a cake recipe are those ingredients that have moisture. So, the wet ingredients for this recipe are butter, eggs, vanilla extract, sugar, and buttermilk.

Step 4: Mix the dry ingredients

The dry ingredients for baking the cake are flour, baking powder and/or baking soda, and salt. 

Step 5: Mix dry and wet Ingredients

Step 6: Pour batter into pans

Step 7: Baking the cake in the oven

Step 7: Baking the cake in the oven

Step 8: Cool the cake

How to Make Frosting

You can prepare frosting for the cake 1-2 days in advance and keep it fresh by covering tightly and store it in the refrigerator. You should remove it from the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature before frosting the cake. Below are the ingredients for the chocolate frosting for serving 8-10 people.

Ingredients to make the frosting

Instructions to make the frosting

Note: Add heavy cream if your frosting is too thick if it is too thin add powdered sugar little by little to get the desired consistency.

Frosting the Cake

The first thing you need to do after the cake is removed from the pan is to let it cool for 1 hour and make sure your cake temperature and room temperature are both the same. Instructions to apply the frosting​ are as follows – 

Step-1: Level your cake

Step-2: Clean the crumb and place the cake

Step-3: Apply frosting on the cake

The next step is applying a crumb coat to frost the cake properly. If you are making a double or triple layer cake, you should follow this:

Diploma in Baking & Cake Decorating

Certified by CPD, Self-paced learning, 24/7 support, Certificate available

Diploma in Baking & Cake Decorating

Certified by CPD, Self-paced learning, 24/7 support, Certificate available

How to Decorate Your Cake

If you serve a cake with the smoothed side and sharp edges in front of your guest, they will think that it is bought from the bakery. You can just apply a crumb coat to your cake final layers of frosting so that it looks flawless. If you want to decorate your cake furthermore, you can do it using some tools and ingredients. Below is some example of how to decorate your cake.

Learn five beautiful ways to decorate cake –

1. How to Decorate the Sides of Your Cake

Simple decoration can really make your cake lucrative and beautiful. You can apply this technique when the frosting is still fresh, so the decorations stick to the cake.


You can choose what you want to use to decorate the side of the cake. The common ingredients for decorating the side of the cake are sprinklers, chopped peanuts, pretzels and chocolate shavings.


Depending on your choice of decorating you may need a vegetable peeler to make chocolate curls, knife for chopping nuts, or you can use sprinklers, Wax paper, and a turntable.


Cake Decorating Tips We Love – Decorated Sides video

2. How to Decorate Your Cake with Drips

Drips are the best way to give an elegant look and extravagant taste. To make sure the drip flows nicely, you should keep the temperature of your topping just right. You should apply the drips just before serving for the gorgeous look of the cake.


You can choose what kinds of drip topping you want to use to decorate the cake. For an 8-inch cake you should take:


 A spoon, a liquid measuring cup and a spatula.


How to drip Ganache on a cake – Tutorial by Minh Cakes

3. How to Decorate a Cake with Piping

Decorating a cake with a piping bag with a tip head is really easy once you learn how to use it. You can easily decorate a cake within a short time once you mastered the art of decorating the cake with piping.

Decorate a Cake with Piping


You can choose what type of frosting you want to use in the cake.


A spatula, piping bag and piping tips are essential for the beginner. There are several kinds of piping tips, such as grass (multi-opening), medium or large star, leaf and large round.


A spatula, piping bag and piping tips are essential for the beginner. There are several kinds of piping tips, such as grass (multi-opening), medium or large star, leaf and large round.

Procedures for decorating the cake with the piping bag

Below are the procedures of some shapes you can use to decorate the cake with the piping bag.

To make a rosette

Use a medium or large star tip in front of the bag. Make a small circle starting with the inside and working out. You need to stop applying pressure before you lift the tip. But keep guiding the frosting with the other hand to the tail end of the rosette lay down, rather than stick up. Lift the bag when the shape is complete.

To make a leaf

Use a leaf tip. Apply a short burst of pressure with the top hand, then stop. With the other hand guide the tip in a line to complete the shape.

To make grass

Use a grass tip or multi-opening tip. Apply a little pressure with the top hand to keep the grass from getting too long. Then stop the pressure and then lift to finish a clump. Place clumps close together to make pipe grass.

To make stars or starflowers

Use a medium or large star tip. You need to hold the bag up straight to pipe stars or starflowers. Apply a small amount of pressure, stop and lift to finish each shape.

To create a dot

Use a large round tip. For making a large dot apply more pressure with your top hand, and less pressure to create a small dot. Stop applying pressure on the piping bag and lift the tip to finish creating a dot.

Diploma in Baking & Cake Decorating

Certified by CPD, Self-paced learning, 24/7 support, Certificate available

Diploma in Baking & Cake Decorating

Certified by CPD, Self-paced learning, 24/7 support, Certificate available

Rounding Up

Throughout the blog, I tried to cover the essential cake baking procedures and tips, from making a cake to decorating it and what equipment you need as a beginner. If you want to take your cake decorating skills to a whole new level, you can take online diploma courses on cake decorating. By enrolling in the online course, you’ll learn the secrets to making the perfect wedding cake, celebration cake and birthday cake, with tips on how to ice, frost, letter and border your cakes like a pro and set up your own decorating business.

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