How To Apply For A Free Student ID Card Online?

A student ID card is a gateway to many offers and benefits that can make your life easier and cheaper. If you are a student wondering how to take advantage of a student ID card, this blog is for you. From learning how to apply for a free student ID card online to using it to get the most out of it — we’ve got you covered.
For many, a student ID card is just a piece of plastic used for identification purposes. However, there is more to it!

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What is a Student ID Card?

An ID card or identification card is a card that holds a person’s name and some basic information that is required to verify their identity. There are different types of ID cards, issued by different types of organisations for identification purposes. Usually, a student ID card is provided by educational institutions. Therefore, this ID proves that the person is a student of that certain school, college, university or any other educational institution. 

People can apply for a student ID card from any institution they’re enrolled in. The student ID card contains some basic and important information about the person, such as –

  • Name 
  • Photo
  • Name and logo of the institution
  • Address 
  • ID number 
  • Roll number 
  • Registration number
  • QR code 
  • Validation date

Why Should You have a Student ID Card?

Now that we have explained what is a student ID card, it’s time to understand why you need to apply for one today. There are many reasons to have a student ID card. 

Here are a few reasons why you need a student ID card.  

  • Identification 

With a student ID card, you can verify your identification as a student of the institution. You can use this ID card both inside and outside your institution. There are some ID cards that can be used overseas as well. You can use these cards when you don’t have your driving licence, passport or any other kind of identification documents.

Your student ID card can be used for official and administrative work. For example, you can use this card in banks to open a student account, acquire a student loan, or other benefits provided by the bank. 

  • Access Facilities

In order to get access to the facilities given by the university or the institutions, you will need to show your student ID card. Without your card, you can not be identified as a student of that institute. Hence, you can not access facilities like the library, labs, sports grounds, locker rooms or gym. Moreover, to access different offers and discounts allocated for students, you will need to show your ID card. 

  • Security 

ID cards are essential to ensure the safety and security of everyone at the educational institution. ID helps to identify the authorised and unauthorised individuals on the campus. In addition, it helps recognise the students among the staff and teachers of the institution. 

  • Student Discount 

In the UK, there are many shops, restaurants and amusement places that offer discounts for students. In order to avail of these privileges, you must have a student ID card. These benefits can help you save extra money and enjoy without worrying about the expenses. However, the card will not be accepted if the validity date has expired. 

  • Student Services 

Most of the educational institutions provide student services to ensure a smooth learning experience. For example, access to online resources, discounts on educational software and various support programs. A valid student ID card is required to receive these services. In addition, the roll and registration number given on the ID card may be required to provide administrative services.

What Do You Need to Apply for a Free Student ID Card?

Before you know how to apply for a free student ID card online, you must know what documents you need. There are some basic documents and requirements you need to fill out for your free Student ID card. They are 

  • Enrolment 
  • Photo & Identification Document 


You can only get a Student ID if you are a student of an institution. Therefore, the first thing you need is to get yourself enrolled. After you complete your online enrolment, you will receive an email and password. Then, you have to open an account using the email and password, and when your account is open, you can apply for your ID.

Photo & Identification Document 

A passport-sized photo is required for your card. In addition to the photo, you need a reference document like a copy of your licence or passport.

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Order Your Free Student ID Card Online
Explore all the benefits that this world has to offer you as a learner!
Order Your Free Student ID Card Online
Explore all the benefits that this world has to offer you as a learner!

How To Apply for a Free Student ID Card Online?

Need a student ID card? We’ve got you covered. It’s free, and you can order it online!

It is not just the universities or colleges that provide student ID cards. You can get your card from online educational institutions as well. In this section, we will explain how to apply for a free student ID card online. 

Here are a few simple steps on how to apply for a free student ID online.

  • Step 1 — Enrol
  • Step 2 — Provide Personal Information 
  • Step 3 — Select Delivery Method
  • Step 4 — Set Your Order
  • Step 5 — Receive Your Free Student ID Card

Step 1 – Enrol

In order to get your free student ID, you have to enrol in a course from an online learning platform. Currently, there are a number of e-learning platforms that provide high-quality courses. John Academy is a leading e-learning provider with more than 2,500 courses. From business management to lifestyle, a wide range of topics are covered. You can choose any course suitable for you and enrol yourself.


Here’s a secret! 

Since it is mandatory to become a student at John Academy to get an ID card, you can enrol in a free course. Anyone can enrol in this free course and become a student at John Academy and then apply for the Free Student ID Card.

Step 2 – Provide Personal Information 

After enrolment, you move on to the next step of getting your Free Student ID Card.

Now, you have to provide some basic information, such as your name, address, phone number, email, etc. This information will be used in the card. While you input your information, make sure to provide the right information.


Step 3 – Select Delivery Method 

Then you’ll need to provide info on where it’ll be delivered and how you’d like it delivered. 

For instance, in John Academy, we provide three delivery options: 

  • UK delivery
  • International standard delivery
  • International DHL Express. 

If you live in the UK, you can choose the first option. And those who live outside can go for either international standard or international DHL Express. Generally, those who need the card urgently can use the International DHL Express.

Step 4 – Set Your Order 

In this step, all you have to do is provide your address and pay for the shipping cost. Once your card is ready, it will be delivered to your doorstep, and you can start enjoying the benefits.

Apply for Your Free Student ID Card from John Academy!

A student ID card can be very useful. From restaurants to bookshops, you can enjoy discounts in a wide range of places and shops. If you want to reap the benefits, you can get your ID from John Academy. It is the easiest way to secure a student ID card without paying for it!

You can simply enrol in this free course and become a student. It’ll make you eligible to apply for a Free Student ID Card.

So, apply for your Free Student ID Card today!


It will not cost you anything to get a student ID card from John Academy. You will get it for free. 


The validity of a student ID card issued by John Academy is 4 years from the issue date.

Order Your Free Student ID Card Online
Explore all the benefits that this world has to offer you as a learner!
Order Your Free Student ID Card Online
Explore all the benefits that this world has to offer you as a learner!

Benefits of Having a Free Student ID Card

A student ID card can offer various benefits that can be a great help to your academic and social life. Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy with your ID card.

  • If you don’t have your driver’s licence, passport or any kind of identification document with you, the student ID card can be used for verification.
  • You can get a discount and save money on public transportation with your student ID card.
  • There are many retail stores and restaurants that offer special discounts for students. You will need your ID to avail them.
  • With your ID card, you can get a discount on gym membership, movie theatre, and even driving lessons.
  • If you get an international student ID card, you can enjoy many offers in different countries of the world.
  • You can also avail discounts on educational resources, books and academic software with the card.

What are Student Discount Cards?

A student discount ID card is an ID card that can give you a 10-20% discount on a range of different stores, restaurants, transportation, etc. The difference between a student ID card and a student discount ID card is you have to purchase the discount ID card. In addition, discount cards usually have better discount offers than a regular student ID. 

Usually, you need to pay a certain amount to purchase these discount cards. However, there are some exceptions as well. There are some discount cards that come free of cost. Here is a list of some student discount cards that can give you access to many privileges.

  • International Student ID Card
  • UNiDays
  • NUS Cards
  • Student Bean


Now that you have learned how to apply for a free student ID card online, it’s time to get yours! This simple card can make your academic journey easier and relieve you from worrying about expenses. So, what are you waiting for?


In most educational institutions, students get their ID cards for free. There are no separate criteria for the student ID card. If you are eligible for the course/program, you are eligible for your free student ID card.

Usually, the student ID card is valid as long as the term time. But some cards may be valid for a year. For specific cards, please check the student ID card provided.

You can get your free student ID card from John Academy. All you have to do is enrol in one of our courses to secure your free student ID card.
Generally, when you get your student ID card from an educational institution, you do not have to pay for it.

Different institutions have different processes for replacing lost or stolen ID cards. Usually, there is a replacement form you have to fill out and submit. For an ID card, no fees are required. However, for a replacement, you may have to make a payment.
If your ID card is stolen, then replacing it is not enough. You have to file a police report as it can become an identity theft issue.

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